Bart De Wever: “The green ideology is the most wrong one there is”

Bart De Wever: “The green ideology is the most wrong one there is”
Bart De Wever: “The green ideology is the most wrong one there is”

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It remains an absolute taboo in Parliament. CD&V does not want an alternative majority to relax the abortion law. But Georges-Louis Bouchez also does not want a rotating majority to pronounce on a reduction in party subsidies. Kristof Calvo (Green) had threatened this after the MR and PS had blocked every initiative in this regard. The MR chairman warned Villa politician for “carnival” when every government party would just do its own thing. He hoped everyone would remain “serious”.

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Perhaps Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) also fears “carnival” if the Antwerp voter forces him to enter into a coalition with Groen in October. “A terrible match,” he says in ‘t Pallieterke. “I have respect for anyone who adheres to an ideology with a vision of humanity and society, but that of green politicians is the most wrong one there is. As children of postmodernism, they no longer believe in who we are. Moreover, with their self-destructive discourse and apocalyptic doomsday images, they undermine our belief in progress and thus affect the young generations. Green is a party that I have no interest in. Nothing.”

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The sensitivity to the level of party financing appears to be considerably more limited for Bouchez than for the Flemish parties. “If you want to reform party financing, why not also look at associations that receive money? You have to compare things. The money that all parties receive is only a third of what the RTBF receives annually.” A public broadcaster strengthens public debate in a democracy. But of course parties do that all the more. (And they sell the same amount of cinema.)

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De Wever also does not want to manage with Vlaams Belang. But: “The fact that I do not want to manage with them does not mean that I have no respect for people like Filip Dewinter. He’s a craftsman, a Duracell bunny. That’s incredible. There is no wear and tear on him. But that you must secure your sash by opening the door to a coalition with (Groen leader Meyrem, ed.) Almaci… (shudders) The idea alone. Groen would like to implement all kinds of ideas that I hate in Antwerp.”

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In his answer to various questions in Parliament, Paul Van Tigchelt (Open VLD) regretted that no consensus has yet been found on possible proposals that cap party financing. On behalf of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), the Minister of Justice encouraged “all initiatives that can find broad support”. He said the discussions will continue in the Constitution Committee.

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