Woman (56) killed with knife in Roeselare, her husband has been arrested (Roeselare)

Woman (56) killed with knife in Roeselare, her husband has been arrested (Roeselare)
Woman (56) killed with knife in Roeselare, her husband has been arrested (Roeselare)

The emergency services found the lifeless body of Marie-Ann B. (56) in her home in Roeselare on Thursday afternoon. Her husband was arrested and the couple was about to divorce.

Bert Feys, Dirk Coosemans

Today at 9:27 PM

The emergency services were called to Domien Craccostraat in Roeselare, a quiet street with detached houses, on Thursday afternoon around 1:15 p.m. Shortly before, an argument had broken out again in one of those homes between residents Jan B. and his wife Marie-Ann B. The incident got completely out of hand. The man killed the woman with a knife.

To rental house

In the neighborhood, people were no longer surprised by yet another quarrel in or around the home. “It just had to happen,” sighs a local resident. A young woman who lives in the area also noticed that things went from bad to worse between Jan B. and Marie-Ann B. “The couple argued very often. Things got really bad between them. The woman was about to leave him. Over the past period she had been looking for a new home. She had found a rental house and was going to move in today,” it said.

Despite the many arguments, the man may not have suspected that his wife would leave him. “I regularly met the woman and she often talked about their problems. She had also said that she wanted to move, but I did not have the feeling that her husband was aware of those plans,” says a woman who occasionally chatted with the resident. The couple still has an adult son, it was learned.

After the woman’s lifeless body was found and her husband was arrested on the spot, the first part of Domien Craccostraat was immediately closed to all traffic. A medical examiner and an expert from the public prosecutor’s office were still on site last night to investigate the exact circumstances of the incident.

There is a lot of police on site. — © Stefaan Beel

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