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TUI Netherlands and TUI Belgium from now on under one management

TUI Netherlands and TUI Belgium from now on under one management
TUI Netherlands and TUI Belgium from now on under one management

The management of TUI Netherlands and TUI Belgium are brought together. The travel organization let us know. As Managing Director TUI BENE, Arjan Kers manages the integrated organization in both countries.

The gradual merger of the Belgian and Dutch tour operator activities within TUI was started ten years ago. “Supported by technological developments that ensure joint systems and processes, both countries have grown even further together. Efficiency is increased across national borders, including by avoiding duplicate activities, to enable the company to realize its ambitious growth plans,” TUI said. Joint management is a logical step in this regard, says the travel organization.

In his role as Managing Director TUI BENE, Arjan Kers will report to Elie Bruyninckx, CEO of TUI Western Region. “The former CEO of TUI Netherlands, who has been with the tourism group for 26 years, will be supported in his new role by a 6-member Belgian-Dutch management, composed as follows: Sofie Van den Driessche – Director Product, Luc Lentjes – Director Trading & Flight Capacity Management, Roosmarijn Quartier – Director of Marketing & Distribution Support, Sebastiaan de Vries – Head of Customer Services BENE & Dutch Caribbean, Inge Goedefroo – Head of Retail Distribution Belgium and Suzanne Goossen – Head of Retail Distribution The Netherlands. ”

The new management has taken office today and mainly works from the head offices in Rijswijk and Ostend. Together with colleagues from Finance, Legal, IT, HR and Communications, they now form the BENE Board of TUI BENE.

“This new team offers a nice mix of experience and young talent, Belgian and Dutch colleagues; a great reflection of the opportunities we offer our colleagues. I am really looking forward to shaping the bright future of TUI with this team,” reports Arjan Kers.

The transition to a joint management is not the last step in the integration. “Adjustments to the underlying structures will follow, in close consultation with the social partners and in parallel with the possibilities that technological developments will offer,” the travel organization said.

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