Minister of Health Belgium wants risk score for gambling games

Minister of Health Belgium wants risk score for gambling games
Minister of Health Belgium wants risk score for gambling games

The Minister of Health in Belgium, Frank Vandenbroucke, wants a risk score for every legal gambling game. With the risk score, the minister wants to ensure that gamblers are better informed about the risks of a gambling game.

Vandenbroucke wants to implement this risk score in all forms of gambling. A few exceptions were applied to the bill for a new gambling law in Belgium, which has now been adopted. For example, lottery products and scratch cards from the National Lottery were given an exceptional position. The stricter advertising rules do not apply to these products. These products may also still be offered to players aged 18 or older. For the other games of chance, the minimum age will be increased to 21 years.

The risk score can be compared with the existing nutriscore on food products. This score allows a consumer to see how healthy or unhealthy a product is compared to the alternatives. The purpose of the risk score for gambling is to ensure that gamblers become aware of the risks associated with the gambling game in question. This could be an online slot machine, a table game such as roulette, a live casino game, but also a scratch card or ticket for a lottery.

230,000 Belgian gamblers lift playing limits

With this measure, the minister anticipates the news that almost 230,000 gamblers have increased their playing limits in Belgium. In Belgium, a legal playing limit of €200 per week has been introduced since 2022. However, this measure would be easy to circumvent. Defaulters alone could not do this. According to the Gaming Commission, this is only a very small group (0.4% of all applications).

Vandenbroucke proposes the risk score, but according to him, the implementation of this lies with the Belgian supervisor. The gambling watchdog must also put much more effort into monitoring and fining gambling companies, he said. Finally, according to the minister, priority should be given to carrying out a large-scale investigation into gambling-related problems in Belgium, according to Het Nieuwsblad.

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