LIVE BLOG Farmers’ protests day 4: Focus on Brussels and Ghent

LIVE BLOG Farmers’ protests day 4: Focus on Brussels and Ghent
LIVE BLOG Farmers’ protests day 4: Focus on Brussels and Ghent

The “general blockade” of Brussels will last at least until 5 p.m., according to the chairman of the FJA. Other Walloon agricultural organizations, including Fugea (Fédération Unie de Groupements d’Éleveurs et d’Agriculteurs), FWA (Fédération wallonne de l’agriculture) and FNCB (Fédération nationale du commerce de bétail), will also descend on the capital, as will delegations. from Spanish, Portuguese and Italian farmers. There will be delegations from ABS and Groene Kring from Flanders. The farmers warn that they will continue with their actions if they do not get answers.

The farmers’ protest and the European summit will cause “very serious disruption” to traffic in the Brussels region today, especially in the center of the capital, the police of the Brussels Capital Ixelles zone warned. “From 7 a.m. on Thursday, the Reyers tunnel from the E40 towards the center will be closed all day, just like the Cinquantenaire tunnel towards Wet.”

The National Crisis Center asks those who go to Brussels on Thursday to choose public transport. The Crisis Center has been working for a number of days to prepare the European summit and the demonstration, together with the police, the governors and other services involved. All possible scenarios are anticipated for the demonstration, although the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of the farmers’ protest makes it extra complex, it was said on Wednesday.

The police also do not want to give a forecast about the number of expected demonstrators or the precise route that the demonstrators will follow. At the same time, the spokesperson for the Crisis Center points out that Brussels has a lot of experience with large manifestations and with accompanying diplomatic VIPs.

In addition to Brussels, there will also be disruption in various places in Flanders today due to actions by angry farmers. This will especially be the case in and around Ghent. But farmers’ protests are also planned at the Klaverblad van Lummen, on the E40 in Veurne and around Halle, among others. Because many protest actions are organized locally, it is difficult to get a good overview.

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