Bart De Wever from Ecuador: “Understanding for protest, but absolutely no sympathy for blockades” (Antwerp)

Bart De Wever from Ecuador: “Understanding for protest, but absolutely no sympathy for blockades” (Antwerp)
Bart De Wever from Ecuador: “Understanding for protest, but absolutely no sympathy for blockades” (Antwerp)

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Antwerp Mayor Bart De Wever has “absolutely no sympathy” for the blockades that protesting farmers have been putting up for days, including in and around the port of Antwerp. The N-VA chairman understands the dissatisfaction, but believes that the angry farmers endanger human lives and cause economic damage to others, he said on Thursday. The morning on Radio 1.

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De Wever is currently in Ecuador, where he, together with the mayors of the two other largest European port cities of Rotterdam and Hamburg, wants to step up the fight against cocaine smuggling to Europe. In The morning he briefly discussed the farmers’ protests that, among other things, blocked the port of Antwerp in recent days. “You can take action in many ways, but taking other people hostage, organizing life-threatening situations and paralyzing the economy, I never have any sympathy for that and certainly not this time either.”

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The N-VA chairman understands the farmers’ anger, he said, although according to him it is “not always correctly directed”. “If I were a farmer, I would also be very angry about the ‘regulitis’ from Europe, the high ambitions and the too short timeframe. But then you have to look at who has approved that in Europe and who has not. Those who now say they are going to solve it in Europe are the same ones who caused the problems in Europe.” In addition, De Wever also sneered at the Farmers’ Union, which has “put farmers on the wrong path to scaling up for years.”

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The farmers are also protesting against the nitrogen decree of the Flemish government, where N-VA is the largest party, but according to the Antwerp mayor, this anger is unjustified. “The nitrogen problem had become unsolvable due to court decisions. Whatever people have been led to believe about it, that was the best decree we could vote for.”

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