Energy supplier Mega also offers mobile phone subscriptions

Energy supplier Mega also offers mobile phone subscriptions
Energy supplier Mega also offers mobile phone subscriptions

Energy supplier Mega now also sells mobile telephone subscriptions. The company announced this. Mega wants to be “more budget-friendly” than other providers. Anyone who purchases energy and telecom from Mega will receive a combination discount.

Mega will operate as a so-called MVNO. This is a telecom provider that does not build its own network, but rents network capacity from a major telecom player. In the case of Mega this is Orange.

“We have always intended to diversify our activities,” says Mega CEO Thomas Coune. “We have already expanded our energy activities geographically. We also offer energy contracts in the Netherlands. We are now launching a new offering that fits very well with our existing activities as an energy supplier in terms of flow and management. The intention is that our telecom arm will eventually become as important as our energy arm.”

In concrete terms, Mega will offer three subscriptions. For 12 euros per month, the customer receives 150 calling minutes, 150 text messages and 5 GB mobile data. For 17 euros that is unlimited calling and texting plus 15 GB data. Finally, the most expensive subscription costs 27 euros per month and, in addition to unlimited calling and texting, also offers 60 GB of mobile data. Anyone who combines with an energy contract receives a 2 euro discount.

Mega Telecom will become a separate company in the group, with its own management team and a helpdesk team of 20 employees.

Mega, which started in Liège, is the fifth largest energy supplier in Flanders. It has a modest market share of 3.4 percent for electricity. The company did not always have a good reputation. In 2021, the energy watchdog Creg warned against misleading practices. In 2022, the Energy Ombudsman received the most complaints about Mega, but the ombudsman did see improvement afterwards.

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