Call to Tedesco: “Vanaken still has its place!”

Call to Tedesco: “Vanaken still has its place!”
Call to Tedesco: “Vanaken still has its place!”

Now that the qualifying campaign is finally over, the Red Devils can start their final straight lines towards European Championship 2024. During the draw on December 2, they will find out their opponents in the group stage. National coach Domenico Tedesco can then focus on forming his selection.

Of course, it is still far too early to draw definitive conclusions in this regard. Certain players will undoubtedly still have to deal with injuries or loss of form, while others can return to the spotlight at their respective clubs.

But based on Tedesco’s selections so far and the number of playing minutes he granted to certain boys, there can be cautious speculation about the composition of his group. Several players are already almost certain of their ticket for the tournament in Germany. For others it already seems like a lost cause.

Hans Vanaken also falls into the latter category. The two-time Golden Boot winner was only called up once by Tedesco and then remained confined to the bench. During the other international matches he was always ignored. And given the ever-increasing competition in midfield, his situation doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon.

Double De Bruyne

However, many experts believe that Vanaken deserves his place in the selection. Commentator Frank Raes, for example, is an advocate for Club Brugge’s turntable. “I still think, Mr. Tedesco: call up Hans Vanaken! And if De Bruyne is not there, put him on. He sees it so quickly and he can also execute it,” he said recently. Shotcast.

Analyst Olivier Deschacht also believes that the Bruges captain can certainly come in handy. “Vanaken is not only the best player at Club Brugge, he also has a unique profile. He can set up an attack, can connect defense and attack… Although the competition is fierce, I still think Vanaken still belongs,” he said. this past weekend The Sunday.

Too much competition

Finally, opinions are divided among the former national coaches. Georges Leekens informed VoetbalNieuws that he believes the door is not yet definitively closed. René Vandereycken fears that Vanaken will become a victim of the great competition. “For me, Vanaken is worthy of the European Championship, but within this selection there are now other priorities. Who do you leave at home for that?” The newspapaer.

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