LOOK. Dutch politician Thierry Baudet taken to hospital after new attack: suspect arrested | Instagram VTM NEWS

LOOK. Dutch politician Thierry Baudet taken to hospital after new attack: suspect arrested | Instagram VTM NEWS
LOOK. Dutch politician Thierry Baudet taken to hospital after new attack: suspect arrested | Instagram VTM NEWS

Controversial Dutch politician Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) party has been attacked again, this time in his own country. The party itself reports this on X. Baudet has now been treated by a trauma surgeon in the hospital in Groningen. “It seems like everything will be fine.” A suspect has been arrested.

The incident happened during an event in a café in Groningen. According to FVD, the Dutch politician was suddenly hit on the back of the head with a beer bottle “and was also hit on the edge of his temple just next to his eye.” Videos of the attack on Baudet in the café are circulated on X. According to the party, a security guard was also injured. It is not known exactly what condition Baudet is in.

The Dutch politician would normally attend an election meeting in Zwolle this evening, but that has been cancelled, reports FVD. “Due to the health and safety of Thierry Baudet, we are forced to cancel the event in Zwolle. We are sorry for all the people who came tonight.” A suspect has been arrested for possible involvement in the attack in Groningen. The police confirmed this after a report from ‘RTL News’.

LOOK. Last month, Thierry Baudet was attacked in Ghent

Last month, Baudet was attacked with an umbrella when he came to give a speech in our country, in Ghent. He suffered a mild concussion. He then halted his election campaign for a few days. Forum for Democracy stated that it was considering “additional security measures”.

D66 party leader and Dutch Climate Minister Rob Jetten said he expected a “very robust” evaluation of the incident after the first attack on Baudet. “I therefore also assume that the security services will reconsider whether all campaign activities can take place in a good, safe manner,” he said at the time.

“Totally unacceptable”

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte calls the attack tonight “totally unacceptable”. “I said it before and I’ll repeat it now: stay away from politicians. Always,” the Dutch Prime Minister said on X. Rutte has been in contact with Baudet and wished him strength and recovery.

Police in the street Gedempte Zuiderdiep in Groningen, where party leader Thierry Baudet of Forum for Democracy was attacked in a café. © ANP

The various party leaders also condemn the attack on the FVD leader. “Absolutely and completely unacceptable to physically attack and injure Baudet (again). This hits democracy hard. We seem to have learned nothing from 2002 and Pim Fortuyn,” reports Pieter Omtzigt of NSC. “Disgusting and cowardly attack again against Thierry Baudet. Violence is unacceptable,” writes Caroline van der Plas of BBB on X.

“Finally protect that man sufficiently!”, responds PVV leader Geert Wilders. It has been under strict security for years due to threats from radical Islamists. “A cowardly and stupid act. Any form of violence is an attack on our democracy,” said CDA leader Henri Bontenbal.

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