Bart De Wever Prime Minister? ‘Not to implement the PS program, like Alexander De Croo now’

Bart De Wever Prime Minister? ‘Not to implement the PS program, like Alexander De Croo now’
Bart De Wever Prime Minister? ‘Not to implement the PS program, like Alexander De Croo now’

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Governor c’est prévoir, c’est choisir, c’est exécuter.’ It is apparently no longer possible to determine where exactly that quote comes from – it is said to be a French expression that originated in the 19th century. Former CD&V minister Wouter Beke may not have foreseen the crisis in childcare, but he accepts this, which can no longer be traced, bon mot to argue for a ‘New Global Plan’. He got his inspiration for this from Jean-Luc Dehaene, exactly three decades ago. “Fear about the future is detrimental to the quality of our society and is a breeding ground for intolerance and disbelief in democracy,” he quotes from that Global Plan of November 1993.

Beke states that the current budget figures once again require such an ambitious plan to shift the burden on labor. ‘Making work more rewarding’, it says. ‘A New Global Plan is necessary to create sufficient space for new policy.’

Some things never change‘ he adds. That could be a quote from Frozen 2.

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Minister of the Environment Zuhal Demir (N-VA) crossed the border to visit the provincial government building in Maastricht. There she spoke with the deputy for nature and nitrogen Léon Faassen, politician of the BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB), who previously strongly opposed the Dutch nitrogen policy. The subject of discussion was the spatial implementation plan for a brickyard in Lanaken by Nelissen Steenfabrieken. A request from the Dutch province of Limburg for additional nitrogen research is leading to delays.

Just like the permit for an ethane cracker from Ineos in the port of Antwerp, this concerns cross-border nitrogen problems. Demir says that she has pointed out to the Dutchman the great economic importance of the family business for Flanders. To be clear, she was talking about the brickworks, not Ineos.


Ceterum censeo VB essedelendam.’ That would be according to The time is the adage of Bart De Wever, which, according to the Latinists of the business newspaper, ‘literally’ means: ‘By the way, I am of the opinion that Vlaams Belang should be destroyed.’ The chairman of the N-VA thinks about the Roman Empire at least once a day and of course also knows that this statement is indebted to the Roman politician Cato. According to tradition, he was not talking about Vlaams Belang, but about Carthage.

After Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) indicated that he wanted to run for a second term with a nitrogen decree, De Wever would aim for the highest office in the country. Not with a nitrogen decree, but with a slap on the wrist. “If that can bring about a substantive breakthrough,” is what the party says. ‘Not to sit in the Sixteen and implement the PS program, like Alexander De Croo now.’

The Romans destroyed Carthage, located in present-day Tunisia, in 146 BC… only to rebuild the city a hundred years later and grow it into the third city in the Roman Empire. No idea what lesson can be learned from this for the cordon sanitary.

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