3rd Rock Collective supports companies with sustainability communication

3rd Rock Collective supports companies with sustainability communication
3rd Rock Collective supports companies with sustainability communication

To help medium-sized and large companies communicate and report authentically and successfully about their ambitions and efforts in the field of sustainability, Dirk Remmerie and Peter Frison of the Leuven Xpair Communication and sustainability communication advisor Jurgen Mortier founded 3rd Rock Collective.

“Customers, employees, investors and regulators are indeed demanding more and more transparency and accountability about how your company has a positive impact on people and the planet, while maintaining a fair profit,” says Jurgen Mortier. “Many entrepreneurs are already responding to this with concrete sustainability programs. But the question on many lips is: how do you, as a company, create and spread your own authentic sustainability story in a convincing and meaningful way? As experts at 3rd Rock Collective, we want to answer that question together with medium-sized and large companies.”

“3rd Rock Collective therefore brings together extensive knowledge of sustainability with powerful, illuminating storytelling,” says Dirk Remmerie. “With our journalistic approach, we tell how companies make positive efforts for our greatest capital: this third rocky planet from the sun that we live on and that we – should – care about. Hence the name: 3rd Rock Collective. We are strengthening our team of seasoned communications, content and design experts with a network of ESG specialists.”

No-nonsense approach

“That robust, no-nonsense approach aimed at impact also comes in an attractive guise,” adds Peter Frison. “Design and data visualization are indispensable if you want to bring your sustainability story to your customers, your suppliers or your financiers. Moreover, we have everything in-house to translate the sustainability journey and priorities to all possible media platforms. We can perfectly support a digital or paper sustainability report, but why not set up a communication program with video, explainer movies or podcasts?”

“Yes, building sustainability into your company and communicating about it is often complex and requires an investment,” Remmerie concludes. “But it is doable, and above all: an excellent opportunity to profile yourself as a company and strengthen your reputation. Various studies show that a majority of companies that invest in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) reap the benefits in various areas: stronger customer loyalty, more confidence in the company and products, and increasing revenues.”

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