Beginn der Winteraktion (Wanteraktioun – WAK) 2023/2024

Beginn der Winteraktion (Wanteraktioun – WAK) 2023/2024
Beginn der Winteraktion (Wanteraktioun – WAK) 2023/2024

The WAK will be launched since January 1, 2021 by the Dräieck asbl, a joint effort by the three Partners Caritas Luxembourg, Luxemburger Rotes Kreuz und Inter-Actions, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Ministerium für Familie, Integration und Großregion organisiert. The soul of the WAK is the same for health care, health care, health care, health care and service management, and health care for human beings.

“For fast three years of partnership with Caritas Luxembourg, their Luxembourgish relationships and inter-actions in our lives. All our knowledge, our expertise and our experience in Luxembourg, we have more years of experience in the field of care and education in Luxembourg. and with a more international community, we are involved in our mission, our humanitarian mission in Luxembourg is committed to our mission“, erklärt Marc Crochet, President of Dräieck asbl.

Actions, which can be carried out as effectively as possible on the basis

The teams of the professionals for their work during the winter months are present during the week, during the morning of the evening, hygiene articles and a warm welcome, during the evening, social activities, a guest room or a social gathering. your night and orientation service Bedarf anzubites.

“Bei der Ausgabe kümmern sich 21 erefahrene Fachkräfte for Ort sisterammen with our Practikanten, Freiwilligen and Ehrenamtlichen während samten Dauer der Winteraktion um die Menschen, die ich über dem Kopf brauchen”, erklärt Cyrielle Chibaeff, Directivesbeauftragte der Dräieck asbl.

The coordination for the organization is from 11.30 am to 4.00 pm: This is the case for the registration of the beneficiaries, the organization of individual social workers, the additional care of a specialized service, and the planning of the medical care. Während der WAK-Ausgabe 2022/2023 wurden 336 Sozialfälle abgeschlossen.

These days, which are open from 12:00 to 16:00, offer a warm lunch, a Ruheplatz as well as a wardrobe and organize social educational activities, which are reflected in the Inklusion and the social integration now. In der Vergangen Saison wurden fast 700 Kleidungsstücke an 214 verschiedene Empfänger verteilt. 15,249 Mittagsmahlzeiten wurden an 1,128 verschiedene Empfänger ausgegeben.

Das Nachtheim, from 7:15 PM to 8:45 AM, is active, ensures that the needs for the night, organizes the absence and the freshness, provides materials for the good hygiene, guarantees the cleanliness and comfort. In Winter 2022/2023 there were 54,028 drinks and dinners for 1,310 different guests in 150 nights.

Engagierte Freiwillige während der gesamten Wanteraktioun

And the strong team of the Dräieck asbl plays a new important role. Ihre Mobilisierung an der Seite der Fachleute vor Ort ist eine der Voraussetzungen, die garantee den reibungslosen Ablauf der WAK. This well-kept and warm atmosphere, which is characterized by a sense of dynamism and motivation, is something that everyone will enjoy. 96 active volunteers are willing to spend more time than 5,411 hours ab.

Contact the Teams for Ort :

[email protected] oder +352 621 148 508.


[email protected] oder +325 621 598 341.

Become a volunteer:

benev[email protected] oder 2755 oder Rachel Olivero: +352 621 559 751.

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