China Southern: Luxembourg cares about the long-distance passenger flight

China Southern: Luxembourg cares about the long-distance passenger flight
China Southern: Luxembourg cares about the long-distance passenger flight

The Flughafen des Großherzogtums ist im Frachtbereich weltweit netzt. Now we can bring a Chinese Fluggesellschaft Luxembourg with the first long-term connection for passengers during the year.

In the business of a European country, in the passenger area and in the city – so many people can write about the Luxembourg airports. In the past years, we spent 9.7 million tons on our journey, with eight large cargo airports in Europe – great for Cologne/Bonn.

Regularly start from the Großherzogtum aus Fluge nach Asia, Africa and America. These destinations range from Seattle to Johannesburg and Tokyo. Treiber is the Freight Fluggesellschaft Cargolux, which is based at the Flughafen in Findel. Sie betreibt 30 Frachter.

90. Platz nach Passagieren

Otherwise, it will be a passenger experience. 2022 Greetings from the Luxembourg Airports, four million travelers and passengers at the passenger terminals at 90. Place in Europe. Im Portfolio find themselves quickly as well as Kurz- und Mittelstrecken. These bisher weitesten Routen since Urlaubsstrecken und fuhren nach Dakar und Dubai.

The end of this month was the first time that the first long stretches of time were possible. Laut Flugplandaten plans China Southern from 21. This month, flights from Guangzhou via Zhengzhou to Luxembourg. They will operate the state-owned Fluggesellschaft that will last a week with an Airbus A350.

China Southern ware 14. Passenger Fluglinie

13 Fluggesellschaften setzen aktuell at de Flughafen des Großherzogtums. The most important since Heimatairline Luxair as well as Ryanair, Easyjet, Lufthansa and KLM.

The National Airline was happy with the flight from New York to New York. But after 31 weeks we will have Luxair again. If you wish to have your home with you for 40 years, you will receive a flight from Findel via Keflavik to New York – you will receive favorable prizes. The Hippie Express was affected by this connection, but the airline is also attractive because of its attractive young travel experience.

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