Luxembourg First Fola-Treffer und U19-Berufung: Das Wochenende von Tim Flick


Tim Flick looks at the time of day. With the very first BGL League goals in the past 17 years in the training camp of U19 National Coach Mario Mutsch an. In the evenings, Tagen heißen die Gegner Niederlande, Bosnia and Aserbaidschan. Whoever Fola-Coach Stefano Bensi knows about his or her offensive players, understands their conversations.

Die Gelb-Rote Karte, die sich Tim Flick am Samstag nach seiner Auswechslung noch einhandelte, wird keine Konsequenzen haben – da Sperre am anstehenden Wochenende absitzen wird. More information about the view of the Escher than at the Gate of the Neuzugangs. After two weeks of frustration, the “Doyenne” had to survive for a long time, thank you for having the courage of the 17 years. As a Gefoulter schnappte oneself the Ball itself and walked trocken. “There is a list with the names of the young people who would like to meet Elfer. These Jungs are separate from each other,” explains Fola Coach Stefano Bensi. Die Mannschaft zeigte großes Vertrauen, als sie Flick diese Aufgabe übernehmen ließ.

The Jugendnationalspieler hat schwere Wochen hinter sich – die nicht unbedingt nur an der Talfahrt des Vereins festzumachen were. “It is a living experience,” said Bensi. “I was completely aware that my time was working, and I was prepared to make the decision.” Gemeint is the end of the Ausbildung in Eintracht Frankfurt. There is a loss of talent from one’s own desire, even after those games of the past and this season is not enjoyed. “There must be a first meeting, so that after the present Erfahrung we will have to meet the level. But even if we are not there, we will never forget those Einsatzzeiten, who are in their own right in mind.” Let’s watch the next few games with a flick of the Startelf. “Für ihn that it was inherently frustrating, that it did not glide auf Anhieb hat. But the head will not hang there and will be happy.”

This is the result of the Test matches in the Trikot der U19. So we would say Gladbach as well as Elversberg that Flick den Weg ins Tor gefunden, “during the first achievement for us that there will be no real self-transfer.” Due to the fact that taxes have been changed by the terms of the Jugendauswahl and the Union, Bensi is in contact with Trainerkollege Mario Mutsch. “Unser Ziel ist es, dass Tim schnell wieder in Ausland zurückkehren kann. Give the highest quality standards with the Zeug dazu. However, it is important to be in the spotlight at the beginning of the season between the seniors. If we can do this, we can find out more professionally. After all, there is no playtime guarantee, but you are welcome and happy, that there is “everything in the moment that deserves it”.

With a flick between the U19 and Fabio Martins (U21) we are nominated by kickers for international competition since, as a member of the former National Student. “Man does not have to worry about the intensity, which the Jungs were forced to do as in normal training. I personally, who is it, wenn man who spends his days with his own Rhythmus active war.” And that was the last week of the evening with a gain for the Escher signal.

Das Luxemburger U19-Aufgebot:
João Margato (F91), Ben Kohnen (VfL Wolfsburg/D)
Verteigung: Massimo Agostinelli (1. FC Nürnberg/D), Jordan Barbalinardo (Mainz/D), Sofiane Ikene (1. FC Nürnberg/D), Aston dos Paciencia (RFCUL), Fabio Lohei (FC Metz/F), Robin Moutschen (RSC) Habay-la-Neuve/B), Lenny Oliveira (Preußen Münster/D), Lukas Sever (UNA Strassen)
Mittelfeld: Aiman ​​Dardari, Thomas Desurmont (both Mainz/D), Diego Duarte (FC Metz/F), Tim Flick (Fola), Clayton Irigoyen (1. FC Nürnberg/D), Hugo Afonso (Karlsruher SC/D), Ronaldo Machado ( CS Maritimo/P), Dino Sabotic (UT Petingen), Thomas Souchard (Karlsruher SC/D)
Angriff: Liam Nurenberg, Balsa Perkovic (both RFCUL), Jayson Videira (Hannover 96/D)
Trainer: Mario Mutsch

The Termine:
EM Qualifikation 2023/24, Gruppe 11 (Mini Turner):

At Mittwoch at 6:00 PM in Bissen:
Netherlands – Luxembourg
Am 18. November at 4.00 pm in Esch (Grenz):
Bosnia – Luxembourg
Am 21. November at 6.00 pm in Wiltz:
Luxembourg – Aserbaidschan

After three years of Romanticism at the Uni Lëtzebuerg und der Sorbonne-Paris IV Schloss die ehemalige Judoka ihr Masterstudium in Grenzüberschreitender Kommunikation at the Université Paul Verlaine in Metz ab. Seit Februar 2011 Teil der Sportredaktion des “Tageblatt”. Schwerpunkte: National Fußball und Kampfsportarten.

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