‘The Repair Shop Belgium’ is coming to Discovery

‘The Repair Shop Belgium’ is coming to Discovery
‘The Repair Shop Belgium’ is coming to Discovery

Old memories come to life in a new season of ‘De Repair Shop Belgium’. Worn objects with a special history are restored by a team of experts so that the stories are not lost.

Such as the saxophone that the owner has not been able to play for more than 25 years, but which is being completely repaired by instrument builder Sam. Or the toy train that Margot’s son Steven had always played with. Now that Steven has two children of his own, Margot would love to see the old locomotive running again – a nice job for mechanic Wolfgang.

But the memories that John and Julie get to work on are truly life-size. Literal. It is a meter high horse, more than a hundred years old, that rides every year as Ros Beiaard in the procession of Saint Gilles, with four ‘Heemskinderen’ on it, after the medieval story of the same name. The poor animal is very worn out and the head no longer looks so nice. Time for a complete makeover so that this horse can again serve as a graceful show horse for decades.

‘The Repair Shop Belgium’, from Tuesday, November 14 at 7:30 PM on Discovery.

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