Murdered police inspector Thomas receives a moment of remembrance: “Processing is still intense” (Sint-Joost-ten-Noode)

Murdered police inspector Thomas receives a moment of remembrance: “Processing is still intense” (Sint-Joost-ten-Noode)
Murdered police inspector Thomas receives a moment of remembrance: “Processing is still intense” (Sint-Joost-ten-Noode)

Family members, members of the North police zone and several ministers and mayors held a minute’s silence on Friday afternoon for the deceased police inspector Thomas Monjoie (29) at the police station in Brabantstraat in Sint-Joost-ten-Noode. He was killed in the neighborhood exactly a year ago.

On November 10, 2022, inspectors Thomas and Jason were attacked during their patrol in the Brabant district. Jason was seriously injured, while Thomas lost his life. A year after the events, the North police zone has organized several commemorative moments.

“This morning, the various members of our zone were given the opportunity to complete the patrol that Thomas and Jason were unable to complete last year. This morning the memorial plaque for Thomas was also inaugurated. This afternoon there was this commemoration moment with a minute’s silence and another moment is planned for this evening,” says Chief of Police Olivier Slosse. (read more below the photo)

Police inspector Thomas Montjoie died last year. — © AMG

“Everyone processes this tragedy in their own way and some indicate that they cannot stand the sound of sirens on this day. Thanks to these three moments, everyone has the opportunity to experience this commemoration the way he or she wants.”

At the memorial moment, in the presence of Thomas’ relatives, his ex-colleagues and Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), a minute’s silence was held. Then Chief of Police Oliver Slosse took the floor. “Thomas was only at the beginning of his career, but was already a pillar of our team. He was always full of zest for life and helpful to colleagues.” (read more below the photo)

Chief of Police Olivier Slosse spoke on Friday.

Chief of Police Olivier Slosse spoke on Friday. — © AMG

The processing of the tragedy is still ongoing in the North police zone. “Losing one of your crew members en route is absolutely the most difficult event for a chief of police,” says Slosse. “The processing of this drama is also intense. In the beginning, your emotions can still be strongly linked to this drama. After a while, emotions such as sadness and anger are still there in our zone, but the connection is not always made. I try to remind my people that this tragedy definitely happened not long ago.”

Thomas’ death has set a number of things in motion. “A budgetary effort has been made as a result of which our commissioner’s office has been strengthened and there are more staff. In addition, there is better cooperation between the police and the judiciary. But of course much more needs to be done.”

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