IN PICTURE. What about incoming water from Northern France? Situation in Westhoek remains worrying | Water (misery) in the Westhoek


The water levels in West Flanders will remain high due to the incoming water from Northern France. This is reported by the governor of West Flanders. It will stop raining in West Flanders, but the impact of the water from Northern France will only be visible tomorrow morning.

LOOK. “The water has already risen 30 centimeters since this morning”

It should stop raining in West Flanders tonight. It is expected that water will still come from Northern France via the various watercourses and rivers. The greatest impact is not expected until early tomorrow morning.

According to the governor, all possible precautions have been taken. For example, a second dam has been built in Stavele and sandbags are being distributed. In Izegem, the new dikes on the buffer basin are doing their job to limit the flooding of the Mandel. Additional pump capacity was deployed on the Heulebeek. The water level of the Leie remains at an acceptable level and will continue to be monitored. All services remain alert to intervene where necessary.

“Limit movements”

“Everything is currently being done to provide maximum protection to local residents,” says Governor Carl Decaluwé. Another crisis meeting is planned for tomorrow. Local residents are asked to take all possible precautions and prepare as best as possible. You are also asked to limit movements and avoid dangerous areas. Gas, electricity and water must be turned off if necessary, mobile phones must be charged.

“Everything has remained stable this afternoon,” says mayor of Lo-Reninge Lode Morlion (Dynamic). “In Lo-Reninge, only five houses are threatened. Our services have already visited there to do what is necessary to protect the homes. Here and there streets are flooded. The bucket is full after all the rain of the past few days. Everything that is added now is too much.”

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Everything seems to be under control in Vleteren for the time being. “But things are borderline here and there,” says Mayor Stephan Mourisse (LVP).

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Crisis consultation

Another crisis meeting took place in Poperinge this afternoon between the fire brigade, police, the governor of West Flanders and the municipalities involved. The critical points regarding flooding were reviewed again.

“Moorslede and Dadizele are now also in the spotlight, just like the center of Noordschote and parts of Heuvelland near the French border,” says Decaluwé. “The emergency services continue to do their utmost to prevent inconvenience. They are also discharging water in France to protect our waterways, but the capacity there is insufficient to discharge all the excess water.”

Vleteren © BELGA

The crisis unit uses simulations to examine how the water can best be diverted. “Fortunately it has now stopped raining, but it remains to be seen how the water level will evolve in the coming hours. If the weather forecasts are correct and we get through the night without too much inconvenience, we will probably be through,” says Decaluwé.

Lo-Reninge © BELGA
Noordschote © BELGA
Noordschote © BELGA
Lo-Reninge © BELGA
Wood holly
Wood holly © BELGA
Reninge © BELGA
Wood holly
Wood holly © BELGA

An additional dam of 2,000 sandbags must protect Stavele: “We will continue pumping in Veurne and Nieuwpoort until Sunday evening” (+)

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All hands on deck in drowned Westhoek: “We do what we can but count on common sense, including from the government” (+)

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