New Krinkels branch with 43 employees

New Krinkels branch with 43 employees
New Krinkels branch with 43 employees

New Krinkels branch with 43 employees

Quirrellsa Dutch family business active as a landscape contractor, opened its new branch this afternoon The Lange Beemden opened. It is the first branch in Limburg, which will be used as a base by 43 employees. In Belgium, Krinkels, which has been active here for exactly 55 years, now has 793 employees and many vacancies are still open. The company is the market leader in the construction and maintenance of greenery in public and private spaces. His clients include the Roads and Traffic Agency, Defense, the Flemish Waterway and many cities and municipalities. For them, the company takes care of mowing roadsides, pruning trees, maintaining beds and hedges, keeping roads clean, cleaning gullies and repairing eco-grids.

Broad base

General manager Peter Loyens van Krinkels Belgium emphasizes that the new branch will not only cover the whole of Limburg, but also the Antwerp Kempen and part of Flemish Brabant. Heusden-Zolder is currently not a customer yet. He sees a huge growth margin for his company due to all the developments surrounding climate, sustainability and greening. Mayor Mario Borremans underlined the assets of Heusden-Zolder, not only as a sporty but also as an accessible, green and business-friendly municipality. The disadvantage of the latter is that all industrial estates are currently full and that one company can only be added if another leaves. The arrival of Krinkels meant that another new company could be welcomed.

Necessary in construction

Also Marc Dillen, director general of Embuild (the former Construction Confederation), put forward many arguments in favor of Krinkels’ rosy future prospects. For example, the recently approved Nature Restoration Act and the possible compromise in the nitrogen dossier, but also the place that greenery is given in construction, the need for greenery now that we live closer together, … According to him, the construction sector can only achieve this by to call on the technical knowledge of green specialists. Floriaan Pardaens, who will lead the new branch as regional manager, outlined the more than half a century that his company has been active in the public green sector, he gave an overview of their technical facilities and emphasized that they have been looking for a suitable location for two years. The hedge trimmers were then brought out to cut the symbolic ribbon.79088

Friday November 10, 2023

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