Filip Dewinter: ‘At the PVDA they don’t know what they are missing. A Maserati is a beautiful car’

Filip Dewinter: ‘At the PVDA they don’t know what they are missing. A Maserati is a beautiful car’
Filip Dewinter: ‘At the PVDA they don’t know what they are missing. A Maserati is a beautiful car’

‘I have come to an age where I can decide for myself’

Former minister and vice-president of the Flemish government Bart Somers (59) made heavy publicity this week against hiring or retaining older employees. Because they can, whenever it suits them, resign without notice with a message on Facebook, push other people out of their positions and cause chaos everywhere. (In Gazette of Antwerp)

‘I really want to experience that’

In the Flemish Parliament they are not yet afraid to give people who have reached a certain age a chance. Due to Somers’ dismissal, Open VLD had to shift its pawns, meaning that BV manager Bob Savenberg (61) will end up in parliament for a few more months. Apparently that had been on his bucket list for some time, because he really wanted to experience it. Just like people with less connections in politics would like to experience Regi in the Sportpaleis. Or a pony camp. (On VRT)

‘We already like the local beer and they immediately serve it in half liters. The pints don’t even need to be cooled and they are as cold as in Belgium’

A few members of the Picasso Indians, a supporter’s club of KAA Gent, wanted to experience a match away from home in Iceland. And it tasted great – not just because of their club’s victory. (in The Ghent resident)

‘People were fainting, really absurd. It was an incredible success’

Not everyone who experienced Beyoncé’s first concert in our country will be able to tell the full story, because when she performed with Destiny’s Child at the Who’s Who’s Land in Brussels, a number of visitors lost consciousness. We also remember: at pop concerts it is an incredible success if people faint. (organizer DJ Sake in the podcast Back to the noughties)

Bob Savenberg. — © Jeroen Hanselaer

‘Our list in Dilbeek is called Blauw Dilbeek because we did not want to be associated with what happens in the Wetstraat’

Bob Savenberg does not want to be associated with the Wetstraat, but is now going there anyway. Anyone who wants to experience parliament must be prepared to do so! (in The last news)

‘At the PVDA they don’t know what they are missing. A Maserati is a beautiful car’

Those who work in Wetstraat are generally not doing badly. Just ask Filip Dewinter, who is very proud of his showpiece. (in Humo)

‘The last thing my mom wants is to be noticed. Suppose she has to go to the store and only my red Ferrari is left in the driveway, then she stays at home’

The mother of snooker player Luca Brecel has no need for a show box. (in Humo)

‘I still want to do a few things, and now you are going to ask what I want to do, but I am not going to say that yet’

Bob Savenberg wants to do more than just experience being in parliament: he also wants to do something. But what? He keeps the tension in for a while. (in The last news)

Karel De Gucht.

Karel De Gucht. — © Christophe De Muynck

‘My son has yet to turn forty and he has already done a number of things’

If Bob Savenberg wants to get tips on how to do things, maybe he should visit Jean-Jacques, the son of Karel De Gucht. He reportedly has experience with that. (in the Newspaper)

“My father had a reputation as a sexual predator, but he had fewer relationships than the average person.”

Here it is not Jean-Jacques De Gucht speaking about his father Karel, but Viktor Verhulst about his father Gert, and he has also done a few things. (in the Newspaper)

‘If you want independent politicians, such as entrepreneurs, magistrates and CEOs, then you have to pay them properly’

Filip Dewinter is a big supporter of high wages (and Maseratis) for politicians. But wouldn’t the entrepreneurs and CEOs he’s talking about be better off doing business instead of sitting in parliament to do things? (in Humo)

‘I am a bulldozer who is used to sleeping little and working seven days a week’

Voilà, didn’t we mention it: entrepreneur Bob Savenberg already works without breaks during the week and at weekends, and now he also has to become a member of parliament. (in the Newspaper)

Bart Somers.

Bart Somers. — © Maarten De Bouw

‘Our democracy is under pressure from populist forces. That will be the focus of the elections: are populists at risk of coming to power?’

Bart Somers wants to counter populism with his return to Mechelen, but his demarche is precisely fueling anti-politics. (in The standard)

‘I don’t enter politics naively. I know that you have to compromise, that you will have to argue’

Bob Savenberg already gives a hint about the things he will do in parliament: argue. Because they know everything about that at Open VLD. (in The last news)

‘I don’t know that lady, but Sammy Mahdi has appointed his own girlfriend as party leader in Limburg. I don’t take offense to that, but you don’t write about that’

The word arguing just has to be mentioned and there is Karel De Gucht again, who also wants to stir things up at CD&V instead of always at Open VLD. (in the Newspaper)

‘There is nothing to our left, except types with deviations: the greens and the communists. And the latter are annoying Asian hornets, from which only the anti-political and extreme right benefit.”

From dung beetles to Asian hornets: anyone who wants to argue in politics will also find a good companion in Louis Tobback. (in The last news)

‘I don’t go there to argue’

Or wait, no, stop: Bob Savenberg is not going to argue in parliament. (in The last news)

‘I often played football and stood at the bar with Jan Jambon. He is still a comrade

Filip Dewinter qualifies the image of quarreling politicians. He also has friends in other parties. (in Humo)

‘Don’t play around, that’s not for me. I want to do a lot of whistling’

Politicians like Bob Savenberg are like sex workers: they whistle a lot. (in The last news)

Viktor Verhulst.

Viktor Verhulst. — © Frank Abbeloos / Isosport

‘In my experience, one-night stands are not good. Often you’re just exhausted and the morning after is uncomfortable’

According to Viktor Verhulst, there is actually no point in a one-night stand. (in the Newspaper)

‘Women don’t think with their heads, but from their pelvis’

For those who think men chase their dicks: according to Valerie Bulcke, women also think with something other than their brains. (in The Ghent resident)

‘With Conner Rousseau everything is more thought through. With Steve Stevaert it was the opposite: for him it came purely from his intestines, from his intestines.

If Steve Stevaert thought with his gut, then this may be more the case with Conner Rousseau than Louis Tobback suspects. Or at least when he talks about ‘brown scum’. (in The last news)

Robin Pront and Charlotte Timmers.

Robin Pront and Charlotte Timmers. — © belga

‘The craziest place I ever had sex was a corn field. We were both looking forward to it, but I had so much hay fever that I just sneezed my way through that lovemaking session.

For director Robin Pront it was not uncomfortable the next day, but at the moment itself. And even more so for his girlfriend. Health! (in Humo)

‘For our first date I took Charlotte to an Indonesian fight film in which a neck is impaled on a broken piece of door wood. She just held my hand all evening.”

Things were also a bit awkward on the first date of Robin Pront and Charlotte Timmers. Luckily he didn’t have hay fever. (in Humo)

‘I once heard someone say: “Wow, that Charlotte Timmers, I wouldn’t eat a meter of poop for that.” I tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, ‘It must be mine, buddy.’

Also, always be careful what you say about Pront’s girlfriend if he can hear it, or it will become even more awkward. (in Humo)

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