11.11.11: “Majority of Belgians support regularization of people without legal residence”

11.11.11: “Majority of Belgians support regularization of people without legal residence”
11.11.11: “Majority of Belgians support regularization of people without legal residence”

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With November 11 in sight, solidarity organization 11.11.11 is kicking off its autumn campaign. This year the fight against climate injustice is once again central. Results of a large-scale survey also show that a majority of Belgians support the regularization of people without legal residence.

In collaboration with weekly magazine Knack and research agency Dedicated organized the annual ‘Barometer of International Solidarity 2023’ on 11.11.11, an online survey of more than 1,500 adult Belgians. This shows that support from Belgians for the regularization of people without legal residence is increasing. More than half (58 percent) say they are in favor of “regularization and the granting of a work permit to undocumented people who have lived in Belgium for at least five years and who have been able to prove their integration.”

A majority (57 percent) also wants safe and legal migration channels based on objective and transparent criteria. That is a slight decrease compared to previous years.

According to the organization, Belgians also support ambitious measures to combat the climate crisis. Nearly three in four want to phase out fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, wind energy and hydropower. 67 percent of respondents are also in favor of phasing out subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, which in our country accounts for at least 13 billion euros.

“Clear message”

According to 11.11.11 director Els Hertogen, Belgians expect a lot more responsibility from politicians in the field of climate policy. “They want ministers to show up for climate negotiations, stop fossil subsidies and be transparent about their contacts with lobbyists from those sectors,” Hertogen said. That is a clear message in the run-up to the UN climate conference in Dubai, according to the solidarity organization.

Furthermore, 80 percent support a tax on large assets of more than 1 million euros. Nearly three in four respondents also support the introduction of a global minimum tax on corporate profits.

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