The messenger from Luxembourg is also available privately

The messenger from Luxembourg is also available privately
The messenger from Luxembourg is also available privately

“Luxchat” is an “Instant Messenger”, since May 2023 we have been able to communicate with the open sectors in Luxembourg (with the names of the “4gov” users). This is the program in a new version for private persons.

Prinzipiell bietet “Luxchat” einen ähnlichen Funktionsumfang wie etwa das sehr beliebte WhatsApp: The users can use their own mobile texts, documents, images and videos available with their own video. This functions well in the dialogue as well as in groups. Außerdem kann der Standort des eigenen Geräts beteilt zijn.

Luxchat läuft auf Servern in Luxembourg

The following information is available from other sources: The Internet Development Association LU-CIX, the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministerium for the Digitalization of Software functions are not free of charge and are available for use – it is important to note that this information is strictly respected. That is the concern of all, that only a few persons are concerned that they are not born, who is the answer to the fall. This means that the computer itself will be completely integrated in Luxembourg.

On the day of the program officiated in the Betrieb – in the context of the exhibition of the Messe “Luxembourg Internet Days 2023”, including all kinds of Prominent Gemeinsam and large buttons: Neben Großherzog Henri was Marc Hansen as Delegierter Minister für Digitalisierung, Carlo Thielen as General Director der Handelskammer, Gaston Schmit, der Erste Regierungsberater im Ministerium für Digitalisierung, und der Vorsitzende des Governance-Rates von Luxchat, Claude Demuth.

This is because of the openness and the environment in Luxembourg, which means that the new solution can be obtained, and it is therefore necessary to have an understanding of the start of the open-ended understanding of LU-CIX, which requires a special relationship: “In the family among our friends, both of them Communication within our community, during conversations with our colleagues, in discussions groups among our colleagues, is taken care of. Please note that Luxchat “sicher as E-Mail or SMS, it will not last forever”.

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