Bridge between Limburg and Asia is getting shorter

Bridge between Limburg and Asia is getting shorter
Bridge between Limburg and Asia is getting shorter

Voka Limburg has just signed a cooperation agreement with the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. “Since 40% of world trade passes through this Asian state, it is very important to maintain good contacts there that can help to facilitate the trade relations of our companies,” says incoming Voka chairman Joris Vrancken, who together with a Limburg delegation is on site. On the same mission, Limburg StartUp (LSU, LRM’s start-up support) has signed an agreement with Budding Innovation, a company in Singapore, founded by Lommel entrepreneur Bert Grobben. Budding will support Limburg start-ups that want to market their innovative products in Asia.

In recent years, the Republic of Singapore has increasingly emerged as an important trading partner for Flemish and Limburg companies. There is a very favorable business climate, with a focus on breakthrough technologies and digital ecosystems. It is for this reason that Voka Limburg has signed a declaration of intent with the Belgian – Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (BLCC). “The aim is to promote and strengthen bilateral relations between both parties and the companies they represent,” say future chairman Joris Vrancken and Internationalization Director Cathérine Dreesen. “In this way we create a direct, innovative bridge between Limburg and Singaporean entrepreneurs and encourage them to fully invest in their (international) growth. In this declaration of intent, we agree to exchange concrete information about our daily operations and activities that are useful to promote international trade between both regions.”

The mission in Singapore was led by Bert Grobben, a Limburger who has been doing business in Singapore for years. With his company Budding Innovation, he has been committed to supporting companies in developing and implementing innovative solutions since 2015. Grobben is already working with numerous foreign start-ups that want to conquer the Asian market. And he will now also make extra efforts for the starting companies from his region of origin. To this end, Budding Innovation in Singapore has entered into an agreement with Limburg StartUp, the community for supporting start-ups and scale-ups within LRM. Jeroen Bloemen, Chief Corporate Affairs of LRM: “We have experience in building international bridges. LRM has been connecting the church towers of Limburg with the skyscrapers in New York for several years through a partnership with Belcham, the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce. We now want to do the same with Asia. The intention is that Limburg companies looking to find their way in Asia will have a permanent point of contact in Singapore. The local stronghold, Budding Innovation, and the representatives of FIT, can assist these companies with advice and assistance. The partnership means that companies will receive support, network, guidance and advice to help their business flourish in Asia. The bridge also works the other way around: Asian companies in Singapore that are looking for a landing place in Europe can visit the Limburg campuses and incubators where they can be shown the ropes by experts and fellow entrepreneurs.”

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