Despite two defeats, still better than all competitors: how it became another top evening for the Belgian coefficient | Belgian clubs in Europe


The Belgian clubs will not receive the beauty prize for their European competition this week, but their results are great for the Belgian coefficient. Our country is once again doing better than its competitors, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Turkey and Scotland. The direct Champions League ticket for the champion seems to be a certainty again in the coming years.

Two wins, one draw and a team that is already certain of European wintering. The perception may be different due to the defeats of Antwerp and Union, but our country once again experienced a very good European evening. In the coefficient ranking, Belgium is ahead of all its competitors. An additional 1,200 points on one match day is a top score.

Ghent and Club Brugge were able to win in the Conference League. They each contribute 0,400 points to the coefficient. Blue-black adds another 0,200 because they are also certain of European wintering. And that’s not all, if Club becomes group winner, another 0,200 will be added. Genk also added 0,200 to Belgium’s total by drawing in Budapest. This puts Belgium comfortably in eighth place, which is five (!) places better than a year ago. Although this is mainly because the dramatic 2017-2018 season has been omitted from the calculations.

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For the time being, eighth place seems to be the highest achievable for Belgium. Although number seven, Portugal, makes a big difference this match day. Belgium reduces the gap by about 0,600 points. In theory, our country is closer to seventh than ninth place in Turkey, which only has three teams in Europe.

The direct Champions League ticket for the champion seems to be a certainty again in the coming years. The top ten in the UEFA rankings are entitled to at least one direct representative. The other European tickets will also be upgraded from next season.

New top season in the making

Last season was already a top year for the Belgian coefficient. Then the Belgian clubs scored a record number of 14,200 coefficient points, with four clubs from the group stages. For comparison: this year our country has already collected 8,600 points. That’s better than the entire 2021-22 (6,600), 2020-21 (6,000) and 2019-20 (7,600) seasons. The fact that Belgium has five representatives in the groups plays a major role in this. A new successful year for the coefficient is in the making.

The current position on the UEFA coefficient ranking

5. Netherlands – 57,497 points (+1,166)

6. France – 57,497 points (+1,166)

7. Portugal – 50,482 points (+0,666)

8. Belgium – 43,000 points (+1,200)

9. Turkey – 35,350 points (+0,000)

10. Scotland – 33,250 points (+0,600)

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