List of PVDA West Flanders leaders announced (Kortrijk)

List of PVDA West Flanders leaders announced (Kortrijk)
List of PVDA West Flanders leaders announced (Kortrijk)

Natalie Eggermont (second from left) and Ilona Vandenberghe (second from right) draw the PVDA list. — © IF


Natalie Eggermont and Ilona Vandenberghe will draw the lists for the Federal and Flemish elections in West Flanders next year. According to them, that seat should be created.

PVDA was not elected in the previous elections. In the meantime, the party is on the rise in West Flanders. Natalie Eggermont and Ilona Vandenberghe will therefore soon draw the PVDA list for the Federal and Flemish elections in West Flanders.

“We feel that we are on the rise, we hear it on the street, in a café, in the workplace,” says Natalie Eggermont (35) from Kortrijk. “We are working on the issues that keep people awake at night and putting them on the political agenda. These are the expensive shopping cart, working longer, fair taxes, the greedy culture in politics. We will certainly win our first seats next year.”

Eggermont is an emergency physician. She often sees the same problems pop up. “As an emergency physician, I see many of the problems in society,” Natalie testifies. “The healthcare staff who are groaning under the increasing workload, patients who have to wait months for an appointment with the specialist, unaffordable invoices. But also so many people who are physically and mentally exhausted at the age of 60 and do not see how they can continue until the age of 67. Or the many industrial accidents, due to the increasing workload and unsafe working conditions. Many of our ministers would do better to come and work in the hospital, so that they feel the consequences of their policies for ordinary people.”

Ostend teacher Ilona Vandenberghe (58) is also standing for election and wants to make an issue of affordable housing and quality public transport in the Flemish Parliament. “It is now a problem in many cities. Affordable housing, although a basic right, is a major concern and source of stress for many people. There is also the dire shortage of social housing, resulting in lengthy waiting lists. We aim for a housing policy where 100 percent sustainable, energy-efficient and affordable homes are a top priority. Many people are also concerned about the damaged public transport. We want more investments for strong and fine-meshed public transport.”

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