Lots of precipitation expected in the west and southeast

Lots of precipitation expected in the west and southeast
Lots of precipitation expected in the west and southeast

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Friday will start variable to heavily cloudy with some showers. From the afternoon onwards, a precipitation zone will move from west to east across our country, sometimes with moderate rain.

Higher precipitation amounts are expected over the west and southeast of the country. It can thunder at the seaside. The maximum temperatures are between 4 and 6 degrees in the Ardennes and between 7 and locally 11 degrees elsewhere. The wind is initially moderate to fairly strong from the southwest with gusts around 50 or 60 kilometers per hour, but gradually becomes moderate to northwest in the afternoon.

Clearance will appear from the west on Friday evening. In the east it will be cloudy with rain at first. A mixture of rain and melting snow may fall on the Ardennes heights. It will be mainly dry at night. The minimum temperatures are between 1 and 8 degrees with a moderate wind from west-northwest, which gradually shrinks to west-southwest. At sea the wind is sometimes quite strong.

The weekend starts on Saturday with heavy cloud cover in the east, with possible reduced visibility of the Ardennes relief and a chance of some light precipitation. Elsewhere it will be partly cloudy, with a possible shower near the sea. During the day, clear skies and cloud fields alternate everywhere, with a chance of a light shower locally. We reach maximums of 4 or 5 degrees in the high Ardennes and 10 degrees in the west of the country. The wind is usually moderate from west-southwest.

Sunday morning will be quite cold with low clouds and (freezing) fog banks in many areas. After the local morning gray slowly lifts, some clear spells will temporarily appear. From the French border, cloud cover increases again in the afternoon with quite a bit of rain at the end of the night. The maximum temperatures fluctuate between 5 degrees in the High Fens and 9 or 10 degrees in the center. The wind usually blows weakly from southerly directions.

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