Drug courier is even caught in prison with drugs in his pocket: 6 months in prison | Bruges

Drug courier is even caught in prison with drugs in his pocket: 6 months in prison | Bruges
Drug courier is even caught in prison with drugs in his pocket: 6 months in prison | Bruges

A 27-year-old Dutchman has been sentenced to 6 months in prison in the Bruges court for drug possession. Fouad E. was previously sentenced to 3 years in prison for his activities as a drug courier, but was caught with narcotics even in prison.

The Dutchman was pulled over by customs on the E40 in Oudenburg on July 7 last year. In his car, customs officers found 626 grams of cannabis and 5 grams of amphetamines. Fouad E. also had 100 grams of hashish and some amphetamines in his underpants. The Dutchman stated that a friend had tempted him to carry out a drug transport in exchange for 500 euros. He claimed that it was a one-off incident, but the public prosecutor’s office did not believe that story. After all, his mobile phone had been active in Belgium since May 1.

Fouad E. was arrested by the investigating judge on July 8. However, after his arraignment in the Bruges courthouse, he managed to escape from the hands of the police. The Dutchman fled via Koopmansstraat into Langestraat. A manhunt immediately broke out in the city center. E. was eventually found a short time later in Verbranded Nieuwland. He hid in a garage behind a car. According to the prosecutor, the Dutchman regularly carried out transports to Belgium on behalf of a drug gang. On January 26 this year, he was ultimately sentenced to 3 years in prison, half of which was suspended.

At the time of the verdict, Fouad E. had already been caught in prison with drugs in his pocket. After the visit he turned out to have almost 16 grams of hashish with him. He himself claimed that he had received the drugs for a fellow inmate. The Dutchman did not show up for his trial. The court established that he had already had 7 convictions in his home country, including for drugs. And in 2018 he was even sentenced to 30 months in prison for rape. In those circumstances, the judge imposed 6 months in prison on Fouad E..

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