KPMG gives the go-ahead to new headquarters in Luxembourg

KPMG gives the go-ahead to new headquarters in Luxembourg
KPMG gives the go-ahead to new headquarters in Luxembourg

KPMG will have a new, ultra-modern headquarters in Luxembourg’s Kirchberg – a district of Luxembourg City.

“With this project we can shape the working environment of tomorrow,” says David Capocci, managing partner of KPMG in Luxembourg. “The building is being completely designed to meet the growing needs of our employees and customers. We want to create a workplace that stimulates connection, collaboration and innovation.”

The new office will be built on a site (total area: 3.23 hectares) that has been taken over from BGL – the Luxembourg subsidiary of BNP Paribas. The Kronos building already stands on it. A total of 55,658 square meters of built area will be redeveloped by BPI Real Estate.

KPMG’s future headquarters will have an area of ​​more than 31,000 square meters, including space for collaborative work spaces and a food court. The remaining 24,658 square meters will have a mixed final destination. The extensive park on the site will be preserved.

What exactly the new office will look like has not yet been fully thought out. KPMG has created a competition for this purpose – architects from all over Europe are invited to submit a design proposal. The competition was set up in collaboration with the Kirchberg district and Luxembourg City.

Natural elements

ESG objectives are of paramount importance during the construction of the headquarters. The intention is that the new office building will comply with various sustainability certificates. KPMG’s ambition in the dwarf state is to be completely CO2 neutral by 2030.

It has also been stated that the office building will have a load-bearing structure made entirely of wood. This makes the building one of the largest timber frame buildings in all of Luxembourg. The building will also have large windows, so that users can count on sufficient natural light.

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The construction of the wooden structure has been entrusted by developer BPI Real Estate to the French construction company WO2. This organization specializes in large-scale, low-carbon wood projects.

Arnaud Regout, managing director of BPI Real Estate, says: “Like KPMG, we are committed to sustainability and innovation and are therefore pleased to be developing its future headquarters. This building meets all sustainability requirements. In doing so, we are developing a workplace that future generations will be able to work with for quite some time.”

The intention is that the office will accommodate approximately 1,800 employees.

A view on the future

According to the current schedule, the demolition of the former Kronos building of BGL BNP Paribas will start in early 2026. The bank is currently building a new office nearby that will accommodate the employees currently based in the Kronos building from the end of 2025.

KPMG’s new headquarters on the plateau in the Kirchberg district should be completed in 2029. No details have been released about the cost of the project.

In the Netherlands, the KPMG head office is located in Amstelveen. The former head office, a stone’s throw away, was transformed into a residential tower in 2019.

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