Theo Francken: “This is not a return law. This is a ‘stay in Belgium law.”

Theo Francken: “This is not a return law. This is a ‘stay in Belgium law.”
Theo Francken: “This is not a return law. This is a ‘stay in Belgium law.”

“Any illegal resident with a minor child in Belgium will never be sent back because of this bill. After all, you can only organize such a return if you can hold such families for a short time in the closed family units. But it is precisely this possibility that the Moor now wants to ban with her bill. This amounts to formalizing an open borders policy for a very large group of illegal immigrants. For them, this is not a return law, but a stay-in-Belgium law. And you can bet that this will spread among illegal immigrants with children living elsewhere in Europe. This will have a major attraction effect. And this will also give rise to the evil practice of false recognition of children, the so-called bébé-papers. The naivety surrounding this is shocking. This is a capital mistake.”

Gazette talk

Despite the fact that even the Moor himself had called for the possibility of residential entry, nothing remains in the bill. “Incomprehensible,” says Theo. “De Moor previously advocated residential entry in a major interview with De Morgen. To then defend a bill in Parliament without any trace of it. Citizens don’t buy anything by talking about things in the newspapers. It is in the Council of Ministers, and not just for the media, that State Secretary De Moor should have carried out the forcing on this. That didn’t happen. Whose deed.”

Extend your stay in a closed centre

According to Theo, the maximum duration of a stay in a closed center should be extended, because many residents try to extend their stay as much as possible until the period expires, after which a release will inevitably follow and repatriation becomes impossible.

Too good, too tame, too soft

An extension of entry bans into the Schengen zone is also a crucial factor for Theo. “Putting illegal immigrants on a plane serves no purpose if they can simply reapply for a visa from another European member state afterwards and come back again. European law allows us to issue entry bans that apply to the entire Schengen zone. This possibility already exists in Belgium, but again the maximum terms in our law are much shorter than permitted in Europe. We propose to maximize this to a standard five years and twenty years for those who pose a danger to our public order. And life in prison for terrorists. I honestly do not understand why this government does not want to take this step. Why does Belgium always have to be so good. So easy. So soft…”

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