‘Don’t want to be judged by my jacket’ – Voetbal International

‘Don’t want to be judged by my jacket’ – Voetbal International
‘Don’t want to be judged by my jacket’ – Voetbal International

Press conferences normally talk about a match that has already taken place or a match that is yet to come. However, at KV Kortrijk, the bottom of the Belgian competition, Thursday was mainly about the coat of a quite angry Glen De Boeck.

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De Boeck appeared on the line last weekend in a silver-colored jacket and a lot of jokes were made about that in Belgium. Kortrijk’s coach had heard them and was not happy about it, as he made clear at his press conference on Thursday.

‘I just think this is ridiculous. What is this about?’, growled De Boeck, quoted by Sporza. ‘I started a discussion with the people who started this. What does this have to do with? My personality? Is it jealousy? That’s what I wanted to know.’

“I am coach of Kortrijk and I try to do my job here as best as possible,” De Boeck continued. ‘I want to be judged on that. Possibly even criticized, that’s part of it. But I don’t want to be judged by the kind of jacket I wear, or my trousers or shoes.’

Belgian talk shows have often discussed De Boeck’s clothing. ‘It all started with that one jacket that wasn’t even mine, but belonged to our team manager. I wore it because I didn’t bring a raincoat myself. That’s where it started and it hasn’t stopped,” said a disappointed De Boeck. He hopes that the jokes and pranks are now over. ‘I have clothes hanging in my closet and I put them on. Do you have to make that an item every week?’

Kortrijk will visit Union Sint-Gillis, the leader in Belgium, this Sunday.

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