Transport Online – Belgium adjusts speed cameras more sharply


BRUSSELS – Speeding offenders in Belgium will soon no longer be able to hope that a speed camera will be turned off or the violation will be condoned. Belgium will no longer temporarily disable speed cameras and section checks along smaller roads next year or make them less strict, Belgian media report.

Speed ​​cameras and section checks used to be regularly switched off to prevent the police from being inundated with speeding fines. Or they only flashed when driving extremely fast and let smaller offenders slip.

Quotas and tolerance margins have already been reduced along highways and this is now also happening along provincial roads, the Ministry of Justice told the Flemish newspapers De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad, among others. The small margin that should prevent a road user from becoming the victim of a measurement error will remain.

More staff will be deployed to process the expected additional fines. Since speed checks along highways became permanent, the number of fines increased by 30 percent.

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