Willy Naessens once again produces a takeover check

Willy Naessens once again produces a takeover check
Willy Naessens once again produces a takeover check

WAREGEM – True to the philosophy of vertical integration, Willy Naessens Build is always looking for services and products that increase the added value of its own activities. The company of the iconic entrepreneur ‘der Willy’ has recently acquired the company Gosseye (from Ronse), an absolute specialist in HVAC.

“In recent years we have noticed that, in addition to quality construction, increasing importance is being attached to everything that has to do with indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency,” the Willy Naessens Group said in a press release. “In addition, the CO2 footprint also plays an increasingly important role, not only during the construction process, but also during the exploitation period of the structure. This means that the interaction between construction company and installation company to achieve a good and profitable result is becoming increasingly intense. In order to continue to play a leading role in this evolution, Willy Naessens Build has therefore acquired the entire share package of Gosseye from Ronse.

Gosseye nv is a renowned installation company that has been around for 77 years and has been a loyal partner when it comes to HVAC installations for many years. The company from Ronse will form the core within the Willy Naessens Group around which the Willy Naessens Technics department will further develop. Gosseye has 26 employees. Management remains in the hands of Patrick Gosseye, to promote continuity.

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