High groundwater levels due to excessive rain

High groundwater levels due to excessive rain
High groundwater levels due to excessive rain

The province of Antwerp and the Brugse Polders basin were the wettest regions: up to double the normal amount of precipitation fell, the VMM reports. The south of the Dyle and Demer basins proved to be the driest region.

The RMI recorded 87.2 mm of precipitation in Uccle last October, 129 percent of the normal value of 67.8 mm for that month. In West Flanders, a normal amount of rain fell in the driest places, while in the east up to half more precipitation fell than normal.

In 94 percent of the measuring locations, the VMM recorded normal, high to very high groundwater levels for the time of year.Image Flemish Environment Agency

Unnavigable watercourses

The fourteen-day average flow rates on the non-navigable waterways have increased sharply compared to a month previously. On November 5, the VMM measured normal values ​​at 15 percent of the measuring locations. High (24 percent) to very high flow rates (61 percent) were measured at 85 percent.

With the predicted precipitation amounts, the VMM expects that the high water levels on the non-navigable waterways in the area of ​​the IJzer Valley will continue for some time. However, critical flooding along the non-navigable waterways is not expected in the coming days.

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