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Antwerp took on Porto in the Champions League on Tuesday evening. In the match of the (more or less) last chance, points had to be taken with a very young team, because Toby Alderweireld and Jean Butez, among others, were absent from the game.

Jean Butez was not there on behalf of Royal Antwerp FC, because he stayed with his pregnant wife. And so 21-year-old Senne Lammens got his chance in the Estádio do Dragão. The 1m91 goalie was taken away for free by The Great Old at Club Brugge. Many good things have been said about him for many years. And so we wanted to keep an eye on him.

“I have seen him play football a few times both with the youth teams of the national teams and at Club NXT. He is a very good goalkeeper, who has everything a modern goalie needs,” Frank Boeckx also raved about. VTM before the start of the match against Porto.

Very complete goalkeeper

“He is two-footed, good in the air, in shot-stopping and one-on-one. A very complete goalkeeper, who only misses games. He was a bit stuck behind Mignolet at Club Brugge. For me he is one of the three national goalkeepers of the Red Devils in the long term.”

In his first minutes he immediately showed his footwork in Porto, although he certainly did not shy away from taking risks. After just three minutes, that egg almost posed a danger to the Portuguese, but everything cooled down without blowing in the end.

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On the half hour, Lammens was beaten for the first time, after Kerk committed a stupid penalty violation in a phase in which the goalkeeper had just finished with a beautiful parade on a shot by Pepe.

How cruel for Senne Lammens: just after his nice save, the ball hits the arm. Penalty for Porto, 1-0 PorAnt — Mikey Delbeke (@MikeyDelbeke) https://twitter.com/MikeyDelbeke/status/1721989976382926870?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

After coffee, he certainly showed himself to be getting better at playing away football, with a few strong passes. All in all, he had to act more with his feet than with his hands, although he still had a leg sweep on an attempt from Evanilson and grabbed a header from Zaidu.

In the end, Pepe gave the home team a complete header, Lammens had no chance at all at that stage. Does a great future await you? It is not yet possible to say based on these 90 minutes, but it is certainly hopeful.

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