Men barely think about the Roman Empire more than women

Men barely think about the Roman Empire more than women
Men barely think about the Roman Empire more than women

Cries from the Wetstraat

Bart De Wever. — © citta

Anyone who slips in the Wetstraat or ends up in the rumor mill will sooner or later end up in this section.

Roman Empire (1)

N-VA mayor recently fact-checked Bart De Wever a worldwide internet hype. It was claimed on Tiktok that men often (once a week or even daily) think about the Roman Empire. As a historian, De Wever could not resist testing that statement in his living room (he asked two sons and his daughter). “It turns out to be true,” De Wever concluded.

Roman Empire (2)

De Wever’s conclusion was too forward, according to a survey by the research agency Monkeyshot. Only 4 percent of men think about the Roman Empire at least weekly, says the research agency that has the same name as a strange drink – shots that are sold in tubes and change color under a black light. For women, this is 3 percent. Small disclaimer: we take that into account Basta is in its second season. Shot, Mr. De Wever?

Conner celebrates

Vooruit chairman announces with a quiz Conner Rousseau a party on Wednesday. Will he be forty years old, a father or the presenter of The masked singer? Or will he have been chairman for exactly four years on Wednesday, November 8? The correct answer is… yes, the latter. In addition to an Instagram filter, he celebrated with a little Instagram throwback. Ingredients of that? His book (T.), his cashier (Deborah) and his Frank (He’s back, bitches). By the way, on Monday Rousseau can blow out candles again – or choose an Instagram filter, if he wants. Because then he will be 31 years old.

Conner Rousseau.

Conner Rousseau. — © Fred Debrock


Another reason for a party. The World Cocoa Conference will take place in The Square Brussels conference center from April 21 to 24, 2024. Queen Mathilde heads to the center of Brussels to open the conference. But also prime minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), Minister of Development Cooperation Caroline Gennez (Forward) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib (MR) will represent Belgium. The topics of discussion are serious: sustainable cocoa, environmental issues, new cocoa-derived products and the role of women in the cocoa economy. No fun trip for the eminences, but diplomatic consultations to die for.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. — © belga

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