Children’s Strokes simplifies access to family theater and films in the region

Children’s Strokes simplifies access to family theater and films in the region
Children’s Strokes simplifies access to family theater and films in the region

As of today, parents and other enthusiasts of the family offerings in the ZENDER region (Pajottenland & Zennevallei culture region) have access to all information and tickets for family theater and films in one convenient location. The new website makes it easier than ever to find the best films and performances for children and to order tickets.

With Children’s Regions, all cultural houses of the ZENDER Cultural Region want to give ‘young’ audiences a taste of youth theater and films at various fun places in the Pajottenland & Zennevallei region.

Family theater and movies are a favorite outing for families, but planning them can sometimes be a challenge. Scattered information, different points of sale and long searches can complicate the process. will be live from November 8 and is specially designed to solve these problems and help parents find child-friendly cultural events in the region.

The website is designed for ease of use and offers a wealth of information about upcoming family theater and film performances.

The website offers many advantages:

  • Centralized Information: Users can easily scroll through the extensive calendar of children’s theater and film performances, including descriptions, dates, times and locations.
  • Online Ticket Sales: You can purchase tickets from various houses simultaneously and directly via the website, saving parents valuable time.
  • Filter options: Parents can filter by age group, genre and location, so they can quickly find the most suitable events for their children.
  • News and Updates: The website also offers news, articles and updates on the latest family theater and film productions in the region.

“With Children’s Regions we want to lower the barrier to film and theater in the region and help parents plan fun and educational outings for their children. We hope that this website will soon be discovered by families in our region and that it will contribute to the growth of children’s art and culture,” says Nick Hollemans, programmer family CC Coloma, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

“Children’s Strokes is a good example of how the shared ticketing system strengthens cooperation between performing arts centers and increases ease of use for culture lovers. Being able to choose and purchase offers and tickets in various houses at the same time in 1 place and via 1 account is a dream of the future,” says Jan Jambon, Flemish Minister of Culture.

Digital Stage

This initiative is supported by Cultuurconnect’s Digital Podium project. Together with 3 pilot groups in the city of Ghent, the Southwest regions and ZENDER, Cultuurconnect is working on the implementation of a basic digital infrastructure tailored to homes. Digitaal Podium offers stage houses a shared ticketing solution with website integration with a view to greater user-friendliness for both the houses that work together and for the cultural visitors of the houses. The website is one of the applications as a lever for cooperation in a city or region or a group of cultural centers with a shared ambition.

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