Blitzer in Trier & Luxembourg: Here you must pass

Blitzer in Trier & Luxembourg: Here you must pass
Blitzer in Trier & Luxembourg: Here you must pass

Were those lightning storms in the evening in the Trier region?

A follow-up of the police forces and the Ordnungsamt Trier in the last few days of the Geschwindigkeit. The Police and the Ordnungsamt Trier were more likely to be able to cope with this. Die Blitzer in der Region Trier were in der Regel wöchentlich veröffentlicht.

Who are the Blitzers active in Luxembourg?

The police know how to deal with a battle of lightning in Luxembourg in Voraus an. Darüber hinaus can be further or other Kontrollen geben, zdem sthen in Luxembourg stationäre Blitzer.

Weitere Fragen und Antworten rund um Blitzer in Trier und Luxembourg

In Trier there are small and unknown mobile blitzers and Ampelblitzers, in Luxembourg there are stationary Radar Controls. I follow the parts of the articles answered by the most important questions and answers about these festivities.

Went to the Ampelblitzer in Trier?

The first stationary Messsäule for Rotlichtüberwachung was installed by the end of May 2021 on the Ecke Martinsufer (B49)/Ausoniusstraße. Anfang Juni follow a few more days on the Kreuzung Wasserweg/Schöndorfer Straße (from Direction Kürenz kommend). Since the end of June 2021, the drive will take place in the Trierer Südallee, Höhe Hindenburg-/Kaiserstraße. The fourth Message was held in July 2021 at Pacelliufer an der Einmündung Hohenzollernstraße (Fahrtrichtung Konz) installed. Anfang August follow the fun Ampelblitzer an der Kreuzung zwischen der Luxemburger Straße/Niederkircher Straße.

You were installed in an Ampelblitzer am Pacelliufer (city center, Abzweigung B 268).

The company itself deals with Halterungen for the Ampelblitzer, which are specially designed for installation. Insgesamt gibt es three Messgeräte, which in turn could be the Standorten gewechselt. So if the first glance is not visible, we can check it carefully.

Ampelblitzer: Auch Geschwindigkeitskontstromen

Who would be surprised if I was in Trier overly rotten and blitzed?

Were one Ampel bei Rot überfährt, if you wish to buy money catalog 90 euros and pay for punk. We would have received other benefits, including a 200 Euro penalty, two punks and a money order. Autofahrer, who can buy a lot of Ampel and also sell groceries, will spend 240 Euro, get two Punkte and a Monat Fahrverbot. This is the result of financial punishment, financial punishment and a free punishment that can be enjoyed during the years.

Wer eine Ampel überfährt, which is longer than a science rotten, but with no further penalties: 200 euros, both punishments, such as monetary punishment, financial compensation and a free holiday. If you receive another payment, it will cost 320 Euro (plus two tickets). It is worth having a financial penalty, financial compensation and a free living penalty. Drivers behind Sachschaden will come to the Autofahrern with these costs: 360 Euro and two Punkte, sister with a monetary penalty, Führerscheinentzug and a Freiheitsstrafe bis fun year.

Wer an einer Ampel with grünem-Pfeil-Schild after the right abbiegt, otherwise zu halten, but pay 70 euros and be concerned about punk. Autofahrer, who are responsible for the transportation of the free traffic behind them, will cost 100 Euro (plus a Punkt), as well as other costs, with additional charges of 120 Euro.

Who fell to that Blitzer?

These individual Messages cost a total of 240,000 Euros per month, or 140,000 Euros per month for the Messages.

Welcher Blitzer in Trier was a disaster?

Here are the stationary Blitzer in Luxembourg

Nun der Blick über die Grenze zu de stationären Blitzern in Luxembourg. These stehen and the following couples:

(Quelle: Luxemburgische Regierung; Status: 06.07.2023)

Bußgeld: Was passionert, when a man was blitzed in Luxembourg?

Who fell Bußgeld man in Luxembourg zahlen muss, when man blitzt wird, hangs davon ab, who schnell man fahren darf. Over the life of your family and friends with a Richter in your own home.

Bus money in Luxembourg inner cities:

Bußgeld in Luxembourg außerorts:

Bus money in Luxembourg on the Autobahn:

In this case, the affected Bußgeldern does not have to be affected by the negative consequences of the Geschwindigkeitsübertretung, which is now present, if the affected person is actually able to cope with the Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung geistet hat.

The successful development of the relationship between the two years will be followed by the results of the relevant business money for the future customers’ wishes, which will be taken into account by the ways of the previous customers’ wishes.

Please take more time than 50 minutes or at least 20 km/h faster if you arrive. Then there will be a penalty of 500 and 10,000 Euro and/or a penalty of eight days and three years. (Quelle für alle Angaben: Polizei Luxembourg)

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