Be inspired during the Wellbeing Summit at The Merode in Brussels


For the first time, the international top, which is committed to global positive change, lands in Brussels. Diplomatic and philosophical suitcases will be unpacked in the beating heart of TheMerode.

A unique event in Brussels

On November 16 and 17, this exceptional edition of the Wellbeing Summit welcomes participants for meaningful experiences. Based on scientific, ontological and practical foundations, the event encourages a deeper connection with ourselves, the world around us and nature.

The Wellbeing Summit Brussels is ready to bring together almost 300 key figures. These are influential people from social and government circles, prominent leaders from contemporary art and business. The target? Promoting individual harmony by stimulating collective well-being.

The Merode

A wealth of activities

Funded by a dedicated social club, the program includes unique lectures and interactive workshops that approach wellbeing through different creative disciplines. The eye-catcher is the new exhibition “Shōkakkō”, based on the theme of happiness, spread over 6,000 m2 of this unique mansion.

Participants can register for networking events, workshops with targeted action tools, music therapy sessions, dance and culinary experiences. All this to promote the well-being of the soul and taste buds, accompanied by inspiring conferences.

Young forces for the future

Among the speakers is 22-year-old Adélaïde Charlier, an activist for climate and social justice. She will lead a panel on the climate crisis and the need for action, together with like-minded young people who enrich their lives through their commitment.

Bruno Pani, founder of the Belgian events agency Profirst and TheMerode, supports the event both logistically and philosophically.

The roots of TheMerode Wellbeing Summit

This entrepreneur sees the Summit as fundamentally connected to TheMerode. He describes how the pandemic was a time of reflection and hope, leading to new impetus for change. The event is an opportunity for people to find happiness by sharing knowledge and inspiring experiences.

Sandrine Woitrin, a Belgian who works closely with the Wellbeing Summit Project, strengthens the bond with the social club. The aim is to make media and European decision makers aware of the importance of well-being in companies and at a personal level. Bruno Pani emphasizes the importance of transformation over change, led by experiences and inspiration.

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