Gehaltsstudie: Was bringt Dir Deine Berufserfahrung in Luxembourg?


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Content study: Was bringt Dir Deine Berufserfahrung in Luxembourg?

LUXEMBOURG – The Personal Service Leader Hays has seen the Gehaltsstudy available. The study is based on 14 Luxembourg economic sectors.

Marion Chevrier

In the IT sector, the Gehälter can quickly be transferred to the highest level.


“With fast 300,000 persons, who have joined the UEL Association by 2030, Luxembourg is a high school in Europe and a qualified magnet for talent”: Matthieu Hodas, Country Manager at Hays Luxembourg and responsible for the new Gehaltsstudie, says: optimistic for those coming Monate. You are also conscious of the fact that you will be able to develop your talent further and develop your talent.

The Finanzplatz Luxembourg offers more than 50,000 working places and billions of investments, which Hays feststellt. We are proud of Brexit and the Corona pandemic and are concerned about the economic impact of the economic situation and the concern for the future of the labor market.

Since 63 percent of the underlying plans, the same quality level is present, it is fast that half (42 percent) of the results of my work, that is the result of the results without the qualifications in the end. Die Gehälter von Berufsanfängern start at 42,000 Euro gross and can increase after eight years of Berufserfahrung up to 110,000 Euro.

«Gehalt is not more than the individual Schlüsselffactor.»


For more information about IT operations: “These aspects of the IT operations are consciously and thoroughly understood, especially in the context of the telework” during the Corona pandemic, according to Hays. 60 Prozent der Beschäftigten dieser Branche suchen derzeit nicht aktiv nach einer others Stelle, wären aber prepared, an interestings Angebot in Betracht zu jijhen.

«Das Gehalt is not more than its own Schlüsselffactor. Kriterien wie Standort, Richtlinien zur Telearbeit as well as flexible Arbeitszeiten haben an Bedeutung won.» Because these external aspects are considered, “the internal external politics of the background and the health outcomes of the workers are treated as priorities, which should be avoided.” Derzeit set 40 Prozent der Unternehmen Arbeitnehmer auf Basis unbefristeter Verträge ein und 25 Prozent plans, da Gehaltlevel in den 12 Monaten zu erhöhen. A Chief Information Officer can earn up to Euro 250,000 gross per year after eight years.

Construction for unewisser Zukunft

Due to increasing prices for raw materials, materials and energy, the changes in the construction of materials have a positive impact on the health and economics of the construction industry. This is a construction project in a “historical sector of the largest area” with more than 4,000 construction sites and more than 70,000 labor areas from the last construction sites. “The Luxembourgish Bausektor appears to be in a better position than to be able to taste it,” Hays admits. Nevertheless, if 36 reviews of the observations are taken into account, the time spent on the job is better and the three quarters (73 reviews) are taken into account, the same quality level will be observed. One of the civilizations of these sectors is such that they are active after a couple of changes in their future.

A Bauführer can with a yearly income from 25,000 to 30,000 Euro gross receipts. After eight years of service, the total amount may increase to 50,000 Euro. A construction project starts with 35,000 to 40,000 Euro gross income and can earn eight years of income over 65,000 Euro.

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