Another wolf killed in Limburg

Another wolf killed in Limburg
Another wolf killed in Limburg

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Another wolf has been killed, Welcome Wolf reported on Wednesday. The collision happened on Wednesday morning on the N715, a place where wolves have long been known to cross. It is not yet clear which wolf it is.

“Welcome Wolf has had regular contact with the Roads and Traffic Agency over the past six months, and provided, among other things, a list of known crossing points. It shows the location of the new accident number one,” reports Jan Loos of Welcome Wolf. This morning a wolf was killed on the North-South connection in Belgian Limburg.

“In the long term, an ecoduct is planned at that location as part of the North-South project, but in the short term this location is difficult to secure with infrastructural measures without blocking the logical walking routes of the wolves through their territory. Only enforced speed with permanent control can provide short-term relief here,” he said.

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