OECD Message: In the Netherlands there is more alcohol abuse in Luxembourg

OECD Message: In the Netherlands there is more alcohol abuse in Luxembourg
OECD Message: In the Netherlands there is more alcohol abuse in Luxembourg

Those Luxemburgers drank alcohol. The consequences of the Organization for Economic Affairs and Entwicklung (OECD) in the Health Insurance Panorama 2023. Three or four of them have had a great experience in the year 2021, but only in the course of a single episode of alcohol. Damit lies with the major concerns of the United Kingdom and the presence of the Dänemark (1.) and Rumänien (2.) übertroffen.

Im Durchschnitt konsumierte jeder Einwohner Luxemburgs ab 15 Jahren im Jahr 2019 (keine aktuelleren Daten versügbar) eleven Liter Alcohol. That is less than the Spitzenreiter Latvia (12.2 liters), Lithuania (12.1), Czech Republic (11.6), Bulgaria (11.2), Estonia (11.1) and Austria (11.1).

The greatest consumption of alcohol is the highest consumption of alcohol. The alcohol consummator is a care practitioner for the medical condition and schlaganfälle, morbidity and health care. “Self less alcohol is consumed, which increases the risk of illness,” says the OECD. “Alkohol causes more traffic and disturbances, disturbance, mortality, self-esteem and psychological disturbances as well as other psychoactive substances, especially young people.”

With these health benefits, the Health Ministry will continue to extend the Luxembourgish Action Plan for Alcohol Missing Brauch (Palma) since January 2024. Other than that, the common factors for the purchase of alcohol are available and the Bevölkerung is better prepared. That’s right, who knows what the Ministerium is like in detail. «A special Schwerpunkt is a result of having a responsible relationship with alcohol and young people and a light intervention in the public health of young people with risky alcohol consumption», the outgoing Health Minister Paulette Lenert (LSAP) explains. Im Großherzogtum geben fast 45 Prozent der Jugendlichen zwischen 15 und 16 Jahren an, mindestens eeninmal im Monat Alcohol zu trinken.

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