the 8 most luxurious addresses in the province


Where can you shop for the best of the best and get really good service? We list West Flemish addresses where you are guaranteed value for money.

Place Vendome

Haute Parfumerie Place Vendôme is a household name among perfume lovers. They come from far and wide to visit the special perfumery, known for its exclusive range and the impressive expertise of owner David Depuydt. You will find, among other things, the haute perfumery lines Les Exclusifs by Chanel and Hermessences by Hermès, which – in addition to their own boutiques – can only be purchased at Place Vendôme in Belgium. The most special perfume in the store is The Private Collection by Guerlain. The scent is specially made. Anyone who buys the set will receive a unique personal code, a case with 21 bottles and a half-liter perfume bottle in Baccarat crystal. Price tag: 35,000 euros.

Menenstraat 2A, 8560 Wevelgem.

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The Night Watch

Even before the thorough renovation in 2022, the complex of Kim Vanacker and Ajja Goussey was often called the most beautiful sleep shop in Flanders. You will find beds and mattresses from top brands such as Auping, Swissflex, Vispring and Hästens, and a boutique with high-quality bed linen and interior textiles. But what really sets this business apart is the personal guidance by sleep experts, an approach that bed stylist Goussey extends to the bedroom, which you can have styled at home.

Meensesteenweg 121, 8500 Kortrijk.

Flowers Daniël Ost

In addition to our king, he can count other royal families among his regular customers. So you can be assured that Daniël Ost belongs to the absolute international top. What started as a small shop in Sint-Niklaas grew into a worldwide known flower house that also opened branches in Brussels and Knokke-Heist. In addition to decorating events, the family business can also be engaged for garden and landscape designs. At the Daniël Ost Academy they also give lessons to professional florists who want to improve their skills.

Dumortierlaan 141, 8300 Knokke-Heist.

Frederiek Van Pamel

The advantage of traveling all over the world for your job is that you can immediately use those trips as inspiration in your work. Florist and interior designer Frederiek Van Pamel calls himself primarily a mood maker, whether it is for the furnishing of a home or the decoration for a large event or party. He operates from an impressive eighteenth-century building in the center of Bruges. The orangery has room for private dinners and exhibitions and benefit evenings are organised. You can also stay in the luxurious bed & breakfast in the upper part.

Ezelstraat 33, 8000 Bruges.

Collett & Victor

Have you ever wondered where our royal family gets their seating furniture? From the Collett & Victor workshops in Izegem where everything, from carcass to finished product, is made in-house. Not only are they a purveyor to the royal household, they are also makers and distributors of the JPDemeyer&Co furniture collection and have already supplied sofas to Princess Victoria of Sweden, to George Clooney for his country retreat in Provence, and to numerous luxurious restaurants and hotels from North America to the Maldives. You choose from existing models and then adjust the fabric, trimmings, dimensions and comfort as desired, but you can also create your own design from scratch. Although not as a private individual: you must be assisted by an architect, interior designer or decorator. Even if you are a movie star or princess.

Kapelstraat 2, 8870 Izegem.

Le monde des mille couleurs

When top restaurants from Belgium, but also from across the French border, get their vegetables and fresh herbs somewhere, you know that you can expect quality there. Le Monde des Mille Couleurs is the organic company of wild farmer Dries Delanote, located in rural Dikkebus near Ypres. You eat his vegetables – in his words – ‘straight from the field onto your fork’. Pure flavors, of course without pesticides and other chemical junk. Discover unknown delicacies such as wild cardoon, mulberry and alfalfa flower. The products are sold every Saturday at the company’s organic market between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Zweerdstraat 6, 8900 Dikkebus.

‘t Vissershuys

‘t Vissershuys is known far beyond Kortrijk for its freshness, its wide range – from fresh fish to lobsters, oysters and seafood – but especially for the personal advice and service you receive there. This quality stems from a long history: owner Harm Brunswyck is the fifth generation of a fishmonger’s family, he was born into the trade and learned the trade in detail from his father. The undisputed recommendation at this address: the extensive dishes, from fish gourmet to plateau de fruits de mer, which you can also order via the webshop.

Doorniksewijk 101, 8500 Kortrijk.


A good knife is essential in every kitchen, and there is a waiting list for the handmade damask knives from blacksmith Clem Vanhee. Rightly so, because they are made by processing two types of steel until a beautiful and unique pattern is visible. You are also in good company on the waiting list, because star stores such as The Jane, Carcasse and Le Chalet de la Forêt are also customers. Whether you use them every day to cut your cauliflower, or collect them and put them in a glass cabinet because they are just so beautiful: your knife is an object to cherish.

Torresstraat 185, Gullegem.

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