Klimapolitik: Warum die neue Koalition kaum Spielraum hat

Klimapolitik: Warum die neue Koalition kaum Spielraum hat
Klimapolitik: Warum die neue Koalition kaum Spielraum hat

CSV and DP are themselves as providers of realistic climate politics. They can be used to build energy faster. However, due to international conditions and narrow windows, the proper management is strengthened. One analysis.

There was a new moment in the Wahlkampf: In a “REPORTER Live” interview on the European climate data, the CSV-Spitzenkandidat Luc Frieden did not know exactly what to do. The talented Prime Minister is very good, that is what it means, that the soul is worth it. Since Luxembourg has been responsible for the development of CO2 emissions at least half way through 2030, an expectation of sustainable energy from 37 energy and energy efficiency from 44 energy.

Luc Frieden is always critical of Luxembourg with an excellent relationship with his wife. Was there not said: That is less with mangelnden Anstrengungen of Blau-Rot-Grün zu tun, especially with the special Luxembourgish. We heard a great industry and tank tourism.

The clever CSV-DP-Regierung can be very useful in developing energy and climate plans. However, the current Wahlprogrammen are not reformed by the parties involved in climate change and climate change. A deutlich stricter EU Regulations will allow the competent Ministers to have a Spielraum welding. Even though unpopuläre Maßnahmen became bad news – when the news spreads, the climate would improve.

A special country

The Sachzwänge is untouchable, which is the result of the outgoing Energy Minister Claude Turmes (Déi Gréng) in the Bilanz-Pressekonferenz sister fasste. Offshore wind farms cannot erect Luxembourg mangles on the coast. The production of energy that results in rapid growth is also not easy. On the other side is the Verbrauch außerordentlich hoch. Die Industrie schlägt in der Bilanz besonders zu Buche: Allein der Stahlproduzent ArcelorMittal mache 35 Prozent des gesamten Stromverbrauchs aus, concrete Claude Turmes.

Ohne Kontrolle des Tanktourismus kann man unsere Klimabilanz komplett vergessen.”Energy Minister Claude Turmes

The position of the Energy Ministers in Sachen erneuerbare Energien ist clear: “So long as ArcelorMittal, Dupont and Goodyear are here, we can continue to be the best in Europe.” For 2024, the Energy Ministerium with a minimum of 15 Prozent an neuerbaren Energien.

For all the specific aspects of Luxembourg, the energy policy is hereby stated: “Der Anteil des Transports am Gesamtenergieverbrauch liegt in normalen Ländern nie über 30 Prozent. Bei since 60 Prozent …

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