Two more fugitive Antwerp drug criminals arrested in Dubai (Antwerp)

Two more fugitive Antwerp drug criminals arrested in Dubai (Antwerp)
Two more fugitive Antwerp drug criminals arrested in Dubai (Antwerp)

Mohamed B. and Ilias EB — © rr


Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have again arrested two fugitive drug criminals from Antwerp. This concerns Mohamed B., an IT specialist from Borgerhout who was also a seller of SKY ECC devices, and the alleged cocaine smuggler Ilias EB. The Antwerp court wants to see both men extradited.

Mohamed B. is wanted by the Antwerp court in connection with several criminal files. B., who was known in Borgerhout as a kind of PC Doctor, was convicted in the major Bombs & Grenades trial surrounding ‘Fat Nordin’ El H., who is also in custody in the United Arab Emirates. But B. is also wanted because he appears in the large “mother file” surrounding SKY ECC. B. was one of the so-called resellers who distributed the SKY ECC devices in the criminal environment. His brother Said B. was also arrested in Dubai earlier, but he was released again pending the processing of his extradition file.

Antwerp resident Ilias EB, who, together with his brother Mounir, is suspected of playing a key role in numerous port files, was also recently arrested in Dubai. Ilias EB is also one of the brothers of Samir EB, who was liquidated in Rotterdam a few years ago. The parental home of the EB brothers in Deurne has been the target of drug attacks several times in recent years.

The United Arab Emirates seems to be moving up a gear recently when it comes to international extradition files. But it remains to be seen whether the Emirates will actually extradite drug criminals. Most suspects who were arrested were released after a few weeks. As a result of the stricter approach in Dubai, several fugitive criminals have already fled to Morocco. The Moroccan city of Tangier is gradually growing into the new Dubai, where Antwerp criminals have settled in large numbers.

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