ALL ANTWERP. “I hope to one day publish my own poems” (Antwerp)

ALL ANTWERP. “I hope to one day publish my own poems” (Antwerp)
ALL ANTWERP. “I hope to one day publish my own poems” (Antwerp)

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Every weekday our reporter and photographer pick a random passerby from the street for a nice conversation. Because everyone has a story. And certainly in Antwerp. Today: Augustin Grenné (32).

“We make digital tools for citizen participation. In this way, we help local authorities to set up projects that allow them to communicate with their citizens. I spend a lot of time working on computer codes.”

“After a day at work I really enjoy cooking for my family. And if there is still time, I like to read and write. For the latter I am following a training course at the academy in Borgerhout. I mainly write poems and short stories. Writing is a passion that I now pursue more intensively and ‘professionally’. I just like working with words. Computer code is also a kind of language, but different. Code and words, that is. Those two things make me happy.”

“If you ask me what subject often returns in my poetry, it is the doubting person. That is a recurring theme. I also recognize myself in that: the cautious uncertainty. Here and there I have already participated in some smaller poetry competitions and something of mine has already appeared in an occasional collection. It is a dream to one day publish my own work, but that still feels far away. You have to be ready to come out with your poems.”

“I am also developing my own computer game together with a friend. It’s a game for your mobile phone. You have to give inputs at the right time to the rhythm of the music. A bit like the well-known game Guitar Hero but without the attributes. We see it as a challenge to learn to code in a different way.”

The article is in Dutch


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