Cybersecurity: Phishing and Sextortion since in Luxembourg under Vormarsch


PubliziertNovember 7, 2023, 4:51 PM

Cyber ​​security: Phishing and Sextortion since in Luxembourg during Vormarsch

LUXEMBOURG – Bee Secure provides security protection against fraud, sextortion and personal hacking. A campaign based on the foundations of Internet security.

Bee Secure starts the Campaign “Keep your space safe”, based on the basic principles of Internet security.

Insgesamt 288 Fälle von Cyberkriminalität be reported in Luxembourg since January 2022. From January to September 2023, the results were 216. Bee Secure stated a response to active activities on the Internet, such as phishing (a method that increases the transmission of information and the identity of the victims to be missed), sextortion (expression of sexual relations or others). Gefälligkeiten, z. B. das Erpressen von Geld durch een Webcam), anyway das Hacken von personal Konten.

This regulatory platform, which ensures accountability for information technology, starts the information campaign “Keep your space safe”. The soul of the campaign is the people who understand the fundamentals of Internet security.

“The most important tips are available in the automatic Speicherung, they can be played in a cloud, they can be activated, they can click on their green background, new social contacts can be controlled in any case, they can have a password and a password can be found”, the National Youth Work continues SNJ in einer Pressemitteilung auf. You will find these tips in your own videos.

The campaign is divided into several actors who spread telefongesellschaften, communities, scholen, youth centers, Maisons Relais, general medical services and police services.

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