Preparatory works for eight section checks

Preparatory works for eight section checks
Preparatory works for eight section checks

In the spring of 2024, the municipal council of Asse will start section checks on zone 30 and tonnage 3.5 tons (with the exception of loading and unloading, bus services, agricultural vehicles, etc.) in the center and the sub-municipalities. On November 8, the Trafiroad company will start the preparatory work, namely installing the cameras.

“They are already being installed to make them technically ready (connection to the grid, calibration, testing, etc.). Before the effective checks start, the necessary road markings and traffic signs are being placed. This is to clearly indicate the zones 30 announce and sensitize drivers. After all, the intention is that all road users adhere to the speed limits and thus ensure safety at all times
remains,” the local government clarifies.

The section control system will initially apply to the following sections:

  • Route 1: Kobbegem, from Ganzenbos 14 to Mandenmakersstraat 5;
  • Route 2: Relegem, van Dorpsstraat 4 to Poverstraat 4;
  • Route 3: Bekkerzeel, van Schutstraat 17 to Boterberg 34;
  • Route 4: Asbeek, from Asbeekstraat 7 to Kespier 2 and from Kespier 75 to the Beekstraat intersection;
  • Route 5: Zellik, from Brusselsesteenweg 495 to Brusselsesteenweg 686;
  • Route 6: Asse center, from Muurveld 55 to Boekfos 41 and from the Muurveld intersection to Bloklaan 2;
  • Route 7: Mollem, from Kasteelstraat 14 to Kasteelstraat 62.


“There are still a number of locations in our municipality where section control may be useful or necessary. We will initially focus on the above village centers because of the activities and functions available, such as education and cycling routes. Also the high concentration and combination of “active road users and motorized traffic, the connection with residential areas and the existing infrastructure play a role. In addition to these permanent route checks, speed is still actively monitored in other places, for example with mobile speed cameras,” the board said.

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