EU Commission accepts the purchase of total tanks

EU Commission accepts the purchase of total tanks
EU Commission accepts the purchase of total tanks

The Canadian Unternehmen Couche-Tard darf deutsche Tankstellennetz des französischen Energiekonzerns TotalEnergies purchase. The EU Commission is responsible for operating in Brussels and in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The Geschäft gebe keinen Anlass zu bewerbsrechtlichen Consideren, hieß es.

Totally satisfied with the environment, with the return of the Tankstellengeschäft hänge with the EU’s climate neutrality regardless of the plants and the purchase of new Verbrenner-Autos from 2035 onwards. So they were also used for electrical cars that were built into containers, not in the loading stations of the tank units, erläuterte der Konzern. Tank wagons are ready to spend time with their guests, restaurants and services. Deshalb habe TotalEnergies sich an Couche-Tard gewandt, das Erfahrung in diesem Bereich habe.

Gemeinschaftsunternehmen in Luxembourg

In the meantime, in Belgium and Luxembourg, we were able to use the Couche-Tard as a community for the use of 619 total fuel tanks. The French Energy Company purchases a network of 1,198 tank units in Germany and 392 in the Netherlands complete with a Couche-Tard. These Tanks will last forever under the Marke TotalEnergies, so long as the Total with Kraftstoff are provided.

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