Racing Shows: Porsche Driven by Dreams from December 8 until 25 Feb in Autoworld Brussels

Porsche has been making people dream for 75 years! Autoworld is participating in that dream with the end-of-year exhibition “Porsche, Driven By Dreams”, from December 8, 2023 to February 25, 2024. Porsche will conclude its 75th anniversary in Autoworld in Brussels in the next three months.

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Porsche. Is there a name that makes you dream more? Porsche has been building dream cars for 75 years.
After the exhibition ‘Porsche – Electric to Electric’ in 2013 and ‘Porsche 70 Years’ in 2018, Autoworld continues its successful collaboration with Porsche Belgium and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. With a never-before-seen collection of exclusive Porsches, collected thematically in a unique setting, you are taken into the overwhelming dream world of Porsche. The storytelling goes much further than just the cars…

In addition to the beautiful cars, the exhibition also focuses on the people behind the brand. People who, just like Ferry Porsche, have always believed in their dreams, achieved great things and realized great ideas. The stories of international and Belgian personalities are highlighted in the various theme groups. Examples are Jacky Ickx, Johan Dirickx, Thierry Boutsen, Laurens Vanthoor, André Lotterer…

2023 Concept to Model

Unseen: from Concept to Model
Reality often starts with a dream. Every Porsche with a concept.
Autoworld collected 9 Porsche concept cars that have never before been exhibited in Belgium and shows them side by side with the production model.
From the 984 that would become the 914 to the prototype of the Taycan that dreams of an alternative future, via the 989 (the Panamera project), the 959 group B study, the 911 Vision Safari and many more models.

60 Years Porsche

911 Line Up 60th Anniversary
911. The number for the ultimate dream car is 60. Naturally, the 911 forms a separate theme within the exhibition “Porsche, Driven By Dreams” with once again a unique collection spanning 8 generations of Neunelfer.

2023 Art

“Porsche, Driven By Dreams” wants to be more than dream cars.
The renowned Belgian street artist Vexx, known for the temporarily present Porsche Vision Gran Turismo that can be viewed until January 8, 2024, will be present exclusively for Autoworld on December 7 and 8 with an animation about Porsche. Another artist, renowned photographer Bart Kuykens, will exhibit his works, in which the Porsche 911 always plays a prominent role.


Ferdinand Porsche fulfilled his absolute dream 75 years ago by building his own dream car. That dream has now become history. From the very first 356 ‘Gmund,’ built in a barn in the village of the same name in Austria, to other classics that helped turn Ferdinand Porsche’s dream into reality.


Porsche Motorsport
Other brands can only dream of Porsche’s success in motorsport. Porsche invariably gives its opponents a proverbial nightmare. The 991 RSR, 991 GT1, 919 Hybrid and Formula E Gen 3 are just a few of the racing cars shown that have made Porsche the most successful racing car brand. Of course, the Belgian contribution is not forgotten with racing cars. driven by legendary drivers such as Jacky Ickx, Thierry Boutsen and Laurens Vanthoor.

2023 Dakar Porsche
The world of the Dakar Rally
It was Jacky Ickx who made Porsche dream of the famous Dakar rally. A dream that once again became reality with, among other things, the 959 with Rothmans colors. Porsche honors the successful Dakar models with the recent 911 Dakar, the 911 GT3 Rally in D’Ieteren colors and the 953 Dakar.
Autoworld honors Porsche’s successful Dakar past in a separate, gritty universe of the expo.

2023 Kids Corner

Kids Corner
The youngest visitors can attend workshops in the separate room where they can build the Porsche of their dreams. For inspiration, a life-size Porsche in Lego is on display. And who knows, the next Belgian Le Mans winner with Porsche will be discovered on our racing simulator.

2023 Permanent collection

Autoworld’s permanent collection will continue to be admired during the three-month exhibition “Porsche, Driven By Dreams”. The ‘Bagnole’ restaurant will of course remain open to the public, as will the museum shop with an extensive Porsche collection, ideal for the holidays.


Autoworld Museum Brussels
Cinquantenaire Park 11, 1000 Brussels
Metro Merode

Opening hours:
Open every day from 10am to 5pm
On weekends from 10am to 6pm

Entrance fee to Autoworld:
Adult: €15
Senior: €13
Student: 11 €
Children 6-12 years: €7

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