Crescendo bicycle bags in the top five of ‘The Product of Mechelen’: “We strongly encourage reuse”

Crescendo bicycle bags in the top five of ‘The Product of Mechelen’: “We strongly encourage reuse”
Crescendo bicycle bags in the top five of ‘The Product of Mechelen’: “We strongly encourage reuse”

Crescendo CVO, a center for adult education, is in the top five nominees and has a chance to win the title ‘Product Made in Mechelen’ with its sustainable bicycle bag. The bicycle bag is made from old tarpaulins from transport company Van Dievel. “We strongly encourage reuse in our training courses,” says Ariane Jacobs of Crescendo CVO. You can still vote via this link until November 15.

What is Crescendo CVO?

“Crescendo CVO is a center for adult education with 8 campuses and 69 teaching places in the province of Antwerp and Flemish Brabant. The head office is located in Mechelen (Vaartdijk 86). Every year, almost 10,000 students take lessons at one of the many teaching places. We count more than 400 employees: in the secretariat, in class or behind the scenes in one of the many support teams. You can choose from more than 80 high-quality day and evening training courses. People are preparing for a career change, want to turn their hobby into a to reach a higher level or obtain a diploma. Crescendo CVO makes learning easy. Every adult can go there at his or her own pace: you can take your course on campus, online or partially online. We add that little bit extra to its courses by to enter into unique collaborations and renew the offering, to use the city as a learning laboratory and to use ‘learn and experience’ as an approach.”

Also read: Crescendo CVO makes bicycle bags from old tarpaulins from a transport companyWhat product did you put forward for this competition? What should I imagine?

“We have released a trendy and sustainable bicycle bag made from old tarpaulins from the transport company Van Dievel.”

Where is the product produced?

“The bicycle bags are made in the Crescendo CVO workshops during the ‘fabric handbags’ course that takes place at the fashion campus in Tivoli (Mechelen) or on the campus in Lier.”

How did this product come about?

“We are always looking for new collaborations and keep our finger on the pulse of socially important themes such as sustainability, ecology and the circular economy. These themes are also on the agenda at transport company Van Dievel and the reuse of old tarpaulins inspired both partners to to reuse materials in a collaboration.”

Why are you specifically putting this product in the spotlight?

“The bicycle bag represents values ​​that Crescendo CVO holds dear: the reuse of materials and the use of sustainable assembly techniques. This is also strongly encouraged in fashion courses, because we want to inspire everyone to do the same. Van Dievel also strives people towards sustainable entrepreneurship and that is why Van Dievel also provides the necessary measures to work as ecologically and sustainably as possible.”

“In addition, the bicycle bag shows a good dose of creativity and also symbolizes one of the many collaborations that Crescendo CVO enters into with a partner from the field.”

Who are the main buyers of your product?

“The bicycle bag is not for sale. You can learn to make the bicycle bag yourself during the ‘handbags in fabric’ course. With this, the CVO achieves much more than just a sustainable or ecological purchase: you learn to reuse materials yourself and are therefore encouraged to make your own to participate in the circular economy. The unique creations will be exhibited to a larger audience during Crescendo CVO’s annual fashion walk in June 2024. We are also participating in Crafts Day on November 19, so interested parties can take a look behind the scenes for themselves. and discover how you can make such a bicycle bag yourself.”

Why should readers vote for you?

“Crescendo CVO is convinced that design should not only be beautiful, but can also really make a difference. With this bicycle bag we want to inspire, stimulate reuse and encourage sustainable assembly techniques. These beautiful and trendy bicycle bags are a positive example of sustainable and creative design .”

Through this link you can cast your vote. You can vote until November 15.

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