Why is it so difficult to obtain your damage certificate if you want to change car insurance? | MyGuide

Why is it so difficult to obtain your damage certificate if you want to change car insurance? | MyGuide
Why is it so difficult to obtain your damage certificate if you want to change car insurance? | MyGuide

IndependentChanging insurers is becoming increasingly easier, but there is still an administrative catch. Independer.be tells you everything you need to know to obtain the damage certificate from your former insurer without any problems.

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07-11-23, 11:15

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It’s actually simple: if you change insurer, you simply let your new insurer know and he will take care of all the paperwork. If you change car insurance, you still have to do one thing yourself: obtain your damage certificate and then provide it to your new insurer.

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Did you already know this?
Consumers will be able to cancel insurance policies taken out from October 1, 2024 or tacitly renewed after their first year at any time with a notice period of two months. The legislative change that makes this possible was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on October 18.

What exactly is the damage certificate?

This is a document that provides a detailed overview of the accidents you have had in the last five years. Your new insurance premium will be calculated on this basis. Based on this, you can receive a premium that starts with the same (discount) conditions. You will normally receive the damage certificate from your current insurer when you cancel your contract.

Why is it such a challenge to get this document?

Let’s make no bones about it: no one likes to see a customer leave, including your insurance broker. So there is a good chance that if you ask him or her for that damage certificate, you can expect at least a request for an explanation. “Why the hell are you keeping it quiet?” In the worst case, you will receive a complaint or lecture on top of it, and in any case your old insurer will try to re-engage you. The message is to remain friendly, because you have to get a favor from your old insurer: your damage certificate.

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Isn’t there any other way?

Yes. If you don’t want any hassle or hassle, you can also download your damage certificate via a platform that the association of insurers Assuralia has set up: Carattest.be. On that platform you can consult and download your damage certificate – using your identity card and card reader. The only disadvantage is that not all major insurers are connected to the platform… and so in some cases you still have to contact them yourself.

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Why is it still worth switching insurers?

Even if your former insurer is not affiliated with Carattest.be, do not let this stop you from changing insurer via Independer. The considerable amount you can save by doing this is more than just a plaster on the wound for the effort you may have to make to obtain your damage certificate.

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